What Can AI Do?

AI technology is something that has become integrated into our everyday lives with the growth of computing.

We use it more often than we realize and most of us would now be lost without it.

What Can AI Do?

However, much like how your computer works, we know very little about AI on the grand scale of things, and unless you work with AI technology, how it works is likely not something you know much about.

For the most part, we know that Google, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are all AI’s, however, we do not realize how much else we use is AI too.

We can answer the question of ‘what is AI?’ Simply, by understanding what AI can do.

When you understand this, you may realize that you have many more encounters with AI technology than you originally thought you did.

We live so close to our tech, maybe it is time we got to know it a little better?

What Is AI?

AI technology is the thing that makes it possible for the machines we use to learn from the experiences we give them.

It allows them to adjust to new inputs, and makes it possible for them to perform better, and in some cases, human-like tasks.

A majority of the AI technologies we know about such as Alexa, self-driving cars (yes, those are AI’s), and computers that can play a game of chess, all rely on learning, and processing languages.

By using AI technology, these computers can actually be trained in a way that makes them able to perform very specific tasks.

All they need to do is process large chunks of data and recognize the patterns therein.

How AI Is Being Used Today

Aside from inside our homes, AI is used in many different ways. Yes we have Alexa, and Cortana in our homes and on our phones.

However, we have many other types of AI that can help us in other areas.

This includes the health care sector. AIs are used in X-ray readings, and you can get AI’s as personal healthcare assistants, they will remind you to take your medicine, exercise, eat better, or even be a life coach!

Retail uses AI too, you can get a virtual shopper to look for personalized recommendations, or they talk with the customers.

Some even manage stock and website layouts. It is actually used more in retail than it looks.

Manufacturers also use AI’s. AI technology can analyze data superfast, any connected equipment can send information to the AI, and the AI can forecast the load.

Let’s not forget banking too. Using AI’s in banking can speed up what we would otherwise be doing.

AI’s can also detect fraud, and calculate your credit score faster. Banking AI’s also automate otherwise manually hardy data management tasks.

It is used in other ways as well, however, you can already see how involved in our lives it is, and how much easier it makes so many people’s jobs.

We take AI for granted in how it improves things and makes things work faster.

Things That AI Can Do

So, if AI is important in all these sectors, and in our personal lives too, what can it do? Think about the AI’s in your life, and what they can do.

They can actually do a lot, let’s have a look at some of the things AI’s are already capable of doing.

It Can Read

What Can AI Do?

Ais are capable of reading. Some AIs can read articles, weblinks, emails, audio files, books and more.

Think about it, when you ask your Alexa to find out some information, she takes this information from a website or google page and informs you, meaning that the AI is reading this.

There are summarized bots being used on Messenger and Slack, which use AI, Machine learning, and blockchain technology.

Let us not forget that there was recently a new AI bot released to simulate a romantic partner, it reads the messages you send it and uses machine learning to respond.

Speaking of which…

It Can Write

They can write too. If an AI can become an upgrade from a chatbot, then yes they can write too.

However, the New York Times, Washington Post and so on also use AI to write.

Okay, this does include many basic, who, why, what, and when pieces, but it can expand into creative writing too.

Ai can also craft social media posts as well!

It Can See Things

There is a part of AI technology known as ‘ machine vision’ which is when computers can ‘see’ the world, and take in visual data, thus making decisions about it.

There are many amazing ways this is used including the new introduction of self-driving cars. However, it is also used on your phone.

Yes, if you use facial recognition to unlock your phone, that is technically a form of AI technology, one also used in policing.

It is used in payment portals and much more. Remember we also mentioned how Ai is used in manufacturing, well, it uses vision there too.

You can bet Amazon uses AI technology extensively in this regard.

It Speaks

If you have ever had Siri, Google, Alexa, or Cortana talk, you already know this. It can be fun and useful to have these help you in your day-to-day life.

It can remember shopping lists for you, answer questions, and complete tasks over the phone. However, it can also be conversational and tell jokes!

It Can Hear You And Understand You

If it can talk it can hear you. It can detect gunshots, know what it was and contact the relevant people!

This is amazing. Obviously it understands you too, but there are many other ways AI can be, even lifesaving sometimes.

To Conclude

AI technology might be scary when you first think of it, but it is actually way more helpful than we realize.

Many organizations and people rely on AI technology now and its many abilities can make things so much easier.

However, it is also saving lives as well, and improving our health! Its many abilities can still be grown upon too.

What will it be able to do in the future?