Best AI Tools For Recruiting

Talent acquisition is an essential part of any business, no matter the size.

Unfortunately, this takes time and effort, which can mean exceptional candidates end up falling through the cracks. Which is why so many companies are looking for new ways to hire.

This is where the AI recruitment tool comes in. Artificial Intelligence software is revolutionizing the hiring process, introducing companies to a wider range of candidates, while simplifying the process to ensure better results.

AI tools can be a major help in recruitment — as long as you find the right one for your business.

Finding the best AI tools for recruiting is a daunting task, but it’s not impossible.

In this post, we will share our top picks of the best AI tools for recruitment, and what to look for when deciding. The right AI tool can transform your hiring process, so let's take a look at what's on offer.

Best AI Tools For Recruiting




HireEZ is an AI recruiting system that's all about sourcing candidates.

It searches through over 45 open web platforms to provide the most comprehensive list of candidates for your business.

If you're struggling to find top talent via the usual routes, HireEZ can help you expand your pool, while targeting only top talent.

Having found your candidates, HireEZ provides you with streamlined (and correct) contact information, to start the hiring process.

The AI interview scheduling and engagement marketing helps draw the right candidates to you.

HireEZ integrates well into existing ATS/CRM systems, helping you to refresh old databases with new information.

From there, it can be used as administration software, with EZ Collaboration tracking and measuring team performance so you can manage your talent.

HireEZ comes with just two price bands: Professional, and the custom Enterprise. For roughly $200 a month, Professional provides all the required services, with no additional costs.

HireEZ used to be known as Hiretual, but they've undergone a rebranding. Hiretual was one of the most popular AI-driven hiring tools out there, and HireEZ is the same great software under a new name.


  • EZ Sourcing - HireEZ can uncover more than 750 million candidates, but only targets the very best.
  • Verified Contact Info - No more missed messages due to inaccurate data.
  • EZ Collaboration - Tracks team activity, helping to improve workflows and better manage talent.


  • No lower pricing tiers - The rebranding of Hiretual to HireEZ added sophisticated software, and removed the low price bands.



For smart and tailored hiring, there might be nothing better than Arya. This is an intelligence-driven recruitment tool, which can put your business into contact with quality candidates that you'll want to work with.

Arya works simply. It learns from your team to identify the top talent at speed, and then engages with them using personalized messages.

Arya uses a mixture of predictive analytics and methods drawn from real experience to easier find the right candidates, and bring them to the business.

Arya also learns from what it's done before. Replicate successful hires, and learn from those inevitable failures, to improve the recruitment system and minimize wasted time.

A huge benefit of the Arya system is that it comes in a tiered system that can be targeted exactly to your needs.

It still isn't cheap, with the Arya Pulse pay per job options ranging from $199 to $599, but it can work with you.

For small businesses looking to expand, Arya allows you to use the AI tool without a pricey commitment.

For larger businesses, Arya is just as helpful. The Quantum subscription service is intelligent, learning from past recruitment errors and successors, to ensure you're always getting the right advice.

We love the intelligence of Arya, and the data-driven recruitment system.


  • Works fast - Identify candidates quickly and easily with Arya.
  • Data driven performance - Learn from past mistakes with this intelligent software.
  • Various price bands - Avoid subscriptions with a well-priced one off service.


  • Some users have reported Arya providing incorrect candidate information.



The hiring process can feel unending and complicated, and AI recruitment aims to improve it. XOR is an AI tool designed to make recruitment easy, with fast results and customizable chatboxes.

The stand-out feature of XOR is its focus on engagement.

With XOR, you can reach out to talent with text, chat, phone, and email (as well as some other apps), for fast responses from interested candidates. 

The AI chatbot can answer questions and even engage in a live chat, so you can keep candidates enthused for easier recruiting.

It's not all about chat, though. You can also set up a video call or screen share session with candidates, if you'd like to see how they perform during interviews.

XOR sources from a wide talent pool, including virtual career fairs and hiring webinars.

If you're looking for talent worldwide, this virtual hiring capability is fantastic. It ensures the best candidates don't slip through the cracks of an inefficient hiring process.

Something else that XOR does well is streamline everything. It takes care of the screening, interview scheduling, and onboarding, so you can focus on the candidates themselves.

XOR pricing is based on the exact services you require, and the only way to get this information is through a 30-minute demo.

It's worth it for accurate pricing, but can be frustrating if you're looking to streamline the streamlining process.


  • Live chat - Keep engagement high with the XOR chat functions.
  • Virtual career fairs and webinars - Find candidates you might have missed.
  • Streamlining - XOR simplifies the repetitive tasks of the hiring process.


  • No upfront pricing.



Fetcher is taking a slightly different approach to the AI recruitment system. This is because Fetcher isn't just about the AI.

Instead, Fetcher combines AI with the human touch. They call it "AI with a human in the loop", and it's designed to ensure you have a diverse and qualified set of candidates.

Fetcher uses a three-step method. First, the sourcing. Fetcher puts your business in contact with an internal team that monitors the data to ensure your pipeline is running at optimum capacity.

The 1-click web extension makes things easier, and you can integrate your own sourcing work in the applicant sourcing tool.

The second step is engagement. Automated emails are personalized, and designed to send when strategically ideal for outreach.

So, you can send those perfect recruitment emails, even when out of office. And the re-messaging campaigns keep interested candidates still in the loop.

The final step of Fletcher is the tracking. The AI tool analyzes and reviews performance, to ensure you fill every role. It also takes the repetitive tasks out of your hands, so you can focus on the more important things.

This combination of automation and personalization means you'll find the right candidate faster than ever before.

Fetcher pricing is only available on consultation.


  • AI with a human touch - Ensure diverse recruitment.
  • Automates repetitive tasks - Focus on the candidates with the Fetcher automation.
  • Optimized Email Outreach - Engage candidates, even when you aren't around.


  • Better for larger businesses.




Data-driven, structured, and collaborative — that's the focus of TurboHire, an intelligent recruitment service designed to find top talent.

It starts with a deep dive into your company culture, to identify what kind of people will thrive there.

Then, it looks at your job description, and identifies who would fit each position. Finally, it reaches out to the best candidates and streamlines communication.

And it does all of this from a convenient Chrome Extension.

TurboHire is one of the most popular AI recruitment tools around. The reason for this is the combination of AI tools and human creativity.

Rather than just analyzing data and providing an outcome, TurboHire is thoughtful and intelligent.

Having found your candidates, TurboHire can also conduct live one-on-one interviews, to continue the recruitment process.

It collects data so you don't lose track of anyone and anything, producing insightful reports delivered to the same platform.

TurboHires pricing is based on size. It does provide a 14-day free trial, so you can have a go at TurboHire to find out if it's for you.

The free trial is based on which plan you would intend to use, and finding the exact future price requires a consultation.


  • Free trial - Give TurboHire a test drive with no cost required.
  • Human and AI recruitment software - Add the creative human touch to a data-driven AI.
  • Live AI interviews - Get to know your candidate better.


  • Perhaps lacking in some advanced features.

Best AI Tools For Recruiting Buying Guide

We've really only covered the tip of the iceberg with this guide to Artificial Intelligence recruitment tools.

There are many more tools out there, including big names such as Humanly, Zoho Recruit, Skillate, and Paradox.

We've picked our favorite five, but different AI recruitment tools emphasize various aspects of the recruitment process. 

To help you find the right AI tool for your business, we've put together this buyer's guide. These are the features you should be aware of, and how they can help your business.

Best AI Tools For Recruiting

Job Ad Posting

A good AI recruitment tool can get involved right from the very first step, in crafting the job posting that will draw candidates to your role.

The AI can remove unconscious biased language from your posting, and improve descriptions to appeal to a diverse range of potential candidates. 

The AI recruitment tool can also remove unappealing, dull language, to craft an ad that attracts enthusiastic job candidates.

You can also expect your AI written job posting to include all the necessary details for the position. 


Sourcing candidates is one of the most difficult and time-consuming parts of recruitment. Nowadays, there are so many channels to pull qualified candidates from that human recruiters can easily end up missing the best. Here's where your AI tool comes in.

With AI recruitment, you can search through a variety of databases, including your ATS/CRM and the web, using your job requirements. The AI will screen out candidates who don't match the requirements, while finding those with a potential from a massive variety of places. 

It can then provide you with a list of relevant candidates, whose qualifications match your needs. An AI recruitment tool should provide accurate contact information for each candidate as well.

Worried you might miss qualified candidates who don't line up exactly with your recruiting requirements? Sophisticated AI programs will take note of potential applicants (especially in engineering) who have the quality, if not the resume.

A good AI can also begin to reach out to potential applicants via email or even text.  

Engagement And Assessment

An AI recruitment tool can improve engagement on every step of the process. If you find that candidates view the posting but fail to apply, an AI can provide a chatbox. This can encourage candidates to apply, while also teaching the AI about the applicant.

Having sourced and screened potential candidates, your AI tool can reach out to them via a variety of channels.

Intelligent recruiting tools can answer questions, keeping the candidates informed and enthusiastic. They can even use data analysis to reach out at optimum times, even when you're out of office.

AI recruitment can also help with ATS Re-engagement. That means any candidates who perhaps weren't right the first time, applied too late, or only just missed out, don't get forgotten. Your AI can search the database, and find those who might still have potential.


Better for both the recruiter and the candidates, AI scheduling software streamlines the entire experience.

If you find yourself losing candidates because you've been struggling to swiftly organize interviews, the AI takes these problems out of your hands.

And by the time you get to the interview stage, your AI tool has already learned a lot about the candidates.

Scheduling isn't the only area where an AI tool can make things easier. A good AI can create workflows, organize responses, and even provide a space for discussions.

Video Interviews

AI video interviews cannot be used to completely remove the human touch from the hiring process, but they can ensure you focus on applicants who fit with your company. 

The AI video interview will assess the candidate, better understand their character, and ask the basic questions.

They're particularly good at finding confident jobseekers, and those with quick, intelligent responses.

These video interviews should be treated as suggestions, rather than decisions. A human recruiter is still necessary.

AI Bias

AI Bias is a tricky one to sort. An AI can be both the cause of, and the solution to, bias in the selection process.

It depends on exactly what kind of data the recruitment tool is getting from you, and how much human intervention is involved in the process.

AI recruitment software can help remove bias, and ensure you hire a more diverse team. 

Data Analysis

Having filled one role, the AI tool doesn't have to be done. Instead, it can learn from data already in the system, to help you the next time you have a role to be filled.

Recruitment grows at a rapid pace, and with data analysis you can ensure you're always at the top of your game.

Size Of Business

Before choosing your AI tool, it's vital to consider the size of your business. Recruitment tools work to streamline the process, but it isn't always quite so simple.

If you choose an AI program that draws a massive amount of jobseekers from a huge source, then you'll find yourself with even more work on your hands.

The size of the business will affect the sourcing. A larger business with international outreach will want to draw from a much larger, global pool, than a smaller business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is AI Used In Recruiting?

Recruitment is fast growing and ever changing, as well as being massively time-consuming. An AI recruitment tool streamlines the process, every step of the way.

One of the main uses of the AI is sourcing. The tool can find you even better candidates, from a large range of sources.

From here, the AI can arrange meetings, start engagement, conduct interviews, and learn from past experience.

Why Use An AI Recruiting Platform?

An AI recruitment platform can save effort, removing the time-consuming parts of the process, so you can focus on getting to know the best candidates.

The tool can also put your company into contact with a bigger range of potential applicants, while using intelligent data analysis to find the perfect fit for your business.

AI software can be involved in every part of the recruitment pipeline. 

Are There Any Downsides To An AI Recruiting Tool?

An AI recruiting tool can't do all the work for you. It should be considered a help, rather than a total solution.

Human intervention is still needed, or you can find that the AI overlooks perfectly good candidates. You might also find fantastic applicants are turned away by the lack of human touch. 

The other factor to consider is the price. An AI recruitment tool can be expensive, but it's often worth it for the time saved.