Which Company Uses AI The Most? – Here Is A List Of Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies

With how advanced artificial intelligence has become over the last few years, it’s no surprise that many companies have made full use of it to make achieving their own business goals and objectives far easier. 

Which Company Uses AI The Most? - Here Is A List Of Top Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies

While some companies have simply incorporated AI functionality in order to expand their capabilities and become more accurate and efficient with statistics, tracking, and so much more, there are some companies that have based their services entirely around an AI program or software, giving you an idea of just how integral this form of digital intelligence has become to the modern marketplace. 

However, while most modern companies will use AI in some form or another to meet their goals, there are some that rely on it much more to help establish their name or brand in a specific industry, and it’s these companies we’re going to take a look at today as we run through 7 modern companies that use AI the most. 

1. Nanox

Nanox is a medical company that uses its own AI to help detect chronic health issues much earlier so that patients can be treated more effectively. 

While this is a magnificent feat for the medical space, this is just one of the many capabilities of this specialized medical AI since it can also detect low bone mineral density automatically, making it much easier to identify patients who might be at risk of musculoskeletal disease without even needing to use discrete imaging. 

Over the last 10 years, Nanox has already helped over 30 million patients thanks to the assistance of their innovative and incredibly unique medical AI software, and the technology only seems to be improving in terms of what diseases it can detect prematurely, so it’s a huge step forward in the world of medicine and hospitality.

2. BlackBerry

While BlackBerry has been a popular company for over a decade at this point, they have stepped their cybersecurity measures up considerably over the past few years thanks to their acquisition of the AI security company Cylance. 

This has allowed BlackBerry to develop multiple built-in security apps into their devices that use a mathematical learning process to prevent viruses and malware instantly, rather than trying to reactively detect them which can often take too long. 

BlackBerry has been utilizing this new AI system to present itself as the leading smartphone company when it comes to providing personal security and privacy for its customers. 

3. Nauto

Self-driving cars have been seen for many years as being one of the biggest aspirations for AI, and Nauto is the closest we have come so far to making this dream a reality. 

Their AI dual-sided camera uses external sensors to automatically detect when a driver is starting to become tired or drowsy, and will then use an in-vehicle alert to let the driver know how far until the next pit stop, along with if there are any collisions or heavy traffic that might slow down their journey. 

The AI is capable of detecting all this in a moment without the need for an internet or mobile connection, making it an incredibly handy safety tool that is essential for those long drives where you need to keep your eyes on the road at all times. 

4. People.Ai

If you’re someone who works in the sales or marketing industry, you know how easy it can be to let all the emails, Linkedin notifications, and Slack messages slip by you without even noticing, and PeopleAi is designed as the perfect remedy to this, acting as an all-in-one program that helps keep all the vital information organized so that you don’t forget about it.

The company’s main goal is to boost pipeline execution, helping you perform your tasks and duties faster so that you can swiftly move on to your next business objective without having to be held back by an urgent email you missed out on months ago. 

This level of organization not only results in more revenue, but also makes a person seem much more capable and disciplined to customers or employers, making this a must-have program if you ever notice the small, but important pieces of information slipping your mind. 

5. SenseTime

SenseTime has developed AI facial recognition technology which has been utilized by hundreds of thousands of banks and security agencies across the globe. 

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They have also begun branching out into the driving industry in the last few years, using their AI expertise to develop smart travel devices and using SenseAuto technology which is specifically designed to help improve the performance of race cars by tapping into the car’s sensor data. 

SenseTime has even gone as far as to introduce its technology into multiple airports too, using a mixture of AI and mixed reality (MR) technology to optimize and improve the service experience of passengers, making the whole process of scanning luggage and finding the right plane so much easier. 

6. SenSat

SenSat has been leading the charge for construction-based AI for many years, to the point where the company has received an incredible amount of funding from the likes of Shenzhen and Tencent who recently invested a staggering $10 million into the company. 

SenSat uses an AI program to create digital copies of physical environments, even before the construction itself has even been planned. 

The AI modeling can therefore accurately predict the spatial and volume statistics needed to construct a new roadway or house for example, and it can also provide necessary information for repairs and alterations by pointing out any potential dangers and areas to focus on, along with highlighting the most optimal areas for devices such as speed cameras. 

On top of all this, SenSat’s AI technology even creates a digital timeline based on all of its calculated information to create an accurate estimation of when particular constructions and projects will be completed, with it gradually becoming the go-to tool for many modern construction companies and businesses.

7. Bossa Nova Robotics

Boss Nova has been the leading company in the world of robotics for quite a while and has grown tremendously since it first started out developing robotic toy makers. 

Nowadays, Bossa Nova is creating full-scale robots that are primarily designed for the retail workplace.

The robots developed by Bossa Nova are not the human-shaped machines that many of us tend to envision them as, they are actually boxes that roam around with a tall scanner reaching a few inches upwards. 

The scanner contains a 2D and 3D camera that beams a light on store shelves so that it can detect which items are out of stock, low in stock, or that have an incorrect price tag. 

Today, more than 500 popular retail stores across the world, including Walmart, make use of Bossa Nova’s AI technology, and as the machines become more advanced, it is very likely that more stores will start incorporating them as the years go by. 


Whether it’s for predicting financial information, analyzing construction work, or even just assisting with the daily duties of the workplace, so many companies have begun using AI in the modern era to help increase their efficiency and production output with many of them becoming recognized as trailblazers due to how much success they have achieved.

As people continue to use AI more often in their daily lives, companies are continuously expanding and upgrading the technology so that it can adapt to different settings and scenarios, so it’s a very interesting aspect to keep an eye on, especially since we will probably see the biggest advancement of workforce AI in the next few years. 

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