Which Jobs Will Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?

At the moment, it feels as though everyone is discussing artificial intelligence. It’s really the topic of the moment, and it’s not hard to see why, given that it’s such a fascinating subject.

The thought that AI could potentially replace some of the most common jobs in industry is both a terrifying and intriguing thought, and many people are curious which jobs we might see replaced first. 

Which Jobs Will Be Replaced By Artificial Intelligence?

Since we saw the release of ChatGPT in the previous few years, we’ve witnessed it partake in incredible feats.

Some of these include creating a children’s storybook from scratch, writing cover letters for jobs, and even helping students to cheat on examinations. 

Where will it stop? Will it ever stop? Below, we’re going to be taking a closer look at some of the jobs we might see being replaced by artificial intelligence in the years to come.

To find out more, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

1. Customer Service Roles 

One of the most common jobs that artificial intelligence is set to replace are customer service roles.

Whenever we order an item online and experience an issue, or we’re paying for a particular service, we often opt to contact the relevant customer service via telephone rather than by email. 

Instead of speaking to another person at the end of the line however, the introduction of AI could actually have you talking to a computer instead.

Many of the items that customers call up about don’t actually require a person at the end of the line, as oftentimes, the questions cover delivery dates, order cancellations, or payment confirmations. 

All of these requests can be dealt with by artificial intelligence, and if they can’t be, then they’ll be forwarded to a human representative. 

2. Content Creation 

Another job that we might be seeing replaced by artificial intelligence is content creation.

As we mentioned briefly above, artificial intelligence has shown that it’s able to write a children’s book, and so it seems logical that it could successfully write blogs and articles too. 

Artificial intelligence is able to digest knowledge spanning across a wealth of different subjects, and it’s been said that it might even be able to write more efficiently than humans.

This has actually been tested on a number of different occasions, where AI has written numerous articles, and only few human corrections were required. 

However, not all are convinced that artificial intelligence is set to replace media based jobs, as there are some things which simply require a human touch, language formation being one of them.  

3. Receptionists

Another job that we may see being replaced by artificial intelligence is receptionist roles.

This isn’t something that’s in the far future either, as many companies have already employed artificial intelligence to take on these job roles.

Instead of having a person direct you to the relevant department, AI can now efficiently answer all of your queries. 

This also goes for over the phone conversations, and is often used in restaurants.

Now, if you call a restaurant to make a reservation, you may find a robot on the other end of the line, which is able to give you the relevant dates and times which are available. 

Some advanced AI’s can even interact with customers, and make polite conversations. 

4. Legal Based Roles 

Another job that we might see being replaced by artificial intelligence are legal based roles, such as legal assistants and paralegals.

One of the key aspects of the legal industry is consuming vast amounts of information, and then breaking it down into smaller, easier to understand, digestible pieces.

This is something that artificial intelligence is highly adept at doing, as as a result, you may see it fulfilling these roles in the near future. 

However, artificial intelligence won’t be fully able to automate these roles, as legal matters also take a certain degree of human judgment, and understanding the personal needs of clients. 

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5. Sales Based Jobs 

No, we’re not suggesting that artificial intelligence could see robotic door to door salespeople in the near future.

However, artificial intelligence is highly efficient in terms of working as a marketing tool.

Nowadays, advertising is everything, and I can show companies how to create the perfect ads, by taking into consideration the product or service in question, the audience, and approach. 

Artificial intelligence can actually develop engagement strategies, and show businesses what’s working and what isn’t.

AI is able to check out the products that users are engaging with when they browse online, and subsequently generate ads that are tailored towards them. 

Everyone will have experienced this, as it seems as though once you browse a particular product or service, a multitude of different ads are then made relevant to you. 

6. Taxi Drivers

Perhaps one of the most incredible things that artificial intelligence is able to do, is to drive automatic vehicles.

We could see taxis and buses replaced by artificial intelligence, with Uber being a pioneer in this capacity. 

This is excellent for certain industries, as in the past decade, we’re seeing a decline in the number of people in truck driver roles.

Artificial intelligence would be able to take over in this capacity, and see a complete replacement in the industry. 

7. Retail Based Roles

Another example we have of artificial intelligence replacing human jobs, is within the retail industry.

We’re already seeing this on a smaller scale, as more and more people are opting for self checkouts, where they can scan the products themselves. 

But, as time moves on, people are predicting that we might see full scale robots conducting these tasks for us, including scanning and packing goods.

Creators say that the robots will even be able to tell if the price has been mislabeled on an item, or check for stock if need be. 

One of the things which customers may miss is speaking to another person at the checkout.

But, many companies are even working on making their robots proficient at making small talk, and providing customers with human interaction. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are a whole host of different jobs that we might see being replaced by artificial intelligence.

These span across a whole host of different careers, some of which include media roles, retail based roles, sales based roles, and even legal roles. 

It’s up for debate whether this is a positive prospect for the future, but what’s certain is that it’s fascinating to consider all of the different possibilities.

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