Best AI Tools For Entrepreneurs

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become a hot topic in recent years. Many businesses are now investing heavily in AI tools to improve their operations.

Whether you are an established company, a start-up, or an entrepreneur, AI could be extremely beneficial to your business. In this piece, we focus on the best AI tools for entrepreneurs.

There are several ways to leverage AI in your business. For example, you can use chatbots or voice assistants to automate customer service tasks.

Best AI Tools For Entrepreneurs

Or you can use AI to predict consumer behavior and optimize marketing campaigns.

The reason why entrepreneurs should utilize AI tools and technology is that it provides better value than traditional systems.

It helps save time by automating processes and reducing redundancy. It also improves accuracy as data sets grow.

Six must-have AI tools for entrepreneurs include:

  • A simple interface that allows users to quickly get started
  • An easy-to-use AI tool that helps businesses make sense of customer conversations
  • An AI tool that enables businesses to easily analyze their social media interactions
  • An AI tool that helps businesses improve their customer service
  • An AI tool that improves human resource management
  • An AI tool that provides data analysis

We have selected the best AI tools that offer one of the above six benefits, allowing you to focus on your business rather than spending time searching for the perfect AI tool for you.

5 Best AI Tools For Entrepreneurs

Best Overall: Bizplan


Source: BizPlan


This AI tool has been designed by a start-up for start-ups and entrepreneurs alike.

Not only does this incredible AI tool provide you with the necessary software to create your business plan and manage your finances it also gives you access to a range of courses and expert support.

There is also a feature that allows you to share your business plan with investors giving you the best opportunity to get funded while staying on top of your workload.

There is a monthly subscription fee but it costs less than a coffee every day for a month, which let’s be honest most entrepreneurs are fueled by.

Create your long or short-term business plan and see the growth you can achieve.

Bizplan offers a space for you to put all of your ideas and documents to give you a clear vision of what you are doing and what you hope to achieve.

If you invest in one AI tool, let it be this one.


  • Guided business plan creator to help entrepreneurs of any technical level
  • Financial tools for tracking costs, managing salaries, and projecting revenue and possible growth
  • Expert advice and mentorship included
  • Free technical support


  • No simpler subscription is available
  • Monthly subscription fee

You can get started using this AI tool by clicking here.

Best AI Assistant Tool: Savvycal


SOURCE: SavvyCal


Keeping on top of your calendar can be a mean feat when you are operating a one-man show.

Having a scheduling assistant is a great way of ensuring you remember all of your meetings.

SavvyCal is a fantastic scheduling assistant that allows you to schedule meetings and send reminders to everyone attending.

If you find that you are spreading yourself too thin, simply apply a cap to the number of meetings you can attend daily, weekly, and even monthly.

Traveling to another time zone? Allow SavvyCal to deal with all of the brain aches of figuring out local times for meetings.

SavvyCal also creates single-use links making your meetings safer. This AI tool can also be embedded into your website if you have a service-based business.

Take all of the forwards and backward communications trying to find a time that suits everyone and allow your customer to book a meeting using the embed link.

Another reason to love SavvyCal is that it is compatible with almost all calendar software, helping you to stay on top of everything without missing a thing.

Try this AI tool for free for 7 days. If you like it there are two subscription plans available, a basic plan and a premium plan.


  • Set-up takes as little as 15 minutes
  • Compatible with most calendar software across smartphones and PCs
  • Two subscription plans are available and a free trial
  • Help is available from the founder if you run into any issues with the software


  • Get take time to get to grips with the different features that SavvyCal offers

You can get started using this AI tool by clicking here.

Best AI Tool For Content Marketing: Marketmuse


Source: MarketMuse


MarketMuse is a content marketer’s best friend.

Not only will this AI tool help to save you time, but it will also enable you to optimize your content to bring more traffic to your site and generate revenue.

MarketMuse checks your content to ensure it is relevant to the primary keyword you are writing about.

It offers keyword insights and also gives recommendations for how to improve your content which impacts your search rankings.

MarketMuse also helps with the creation of content.

Simply provide this smart marketing tool with a specific top and it will generate an outline for a new article and provide headings and sections that should be included to create the best piece possible.

This feature helps to save a lot of time during the research phase of content creation.

This tool enables AI to do the heavy-lifting, optimizing content and enabling creators to save time but still yield results that are necessary to achieve desired growth.

There are three different subscription options meaning that companies of any size can benefit from this tool.


  • Provides a tool that optimizes content, helps you to monitor your progress with tasks, and provides content briefs to help save time
  • Real-time editing to keep your content at an industry standard
  • Three subscription plans are available, one of which is free


  • Writing must be done within the software to avail of all the features offered

You can get started using this AI tool by clicking here.

Best AI Tool For Customer Service: Zendesk


Source: zendesk


Zendesk offers an AI tool that helps you to support your customers in a way that is convenient for both your customer and you.

You can choose how you wish to provide support through zendesk, with a choice from voice, email, social channels, live chat, or messaging.

Having such a choice allows you to pick the best way possible that would ensemble you to give the ultimate customer experience, adding a personal touch to your business and the services that you offer.

This program is powered by AI bots that have been specially programmed to understand conversational English meaning your customers won’t need to repeat themselves while they seek assistance for any issues they may be having.

You can also build an integrated help center using zendesk and a community forum where customers can be helped not only by experts and employees but also by each other.

This helps to reduce resolution times as frequently frequently asked questions sections in the community forum will be able to provide the necessary information that a customer may be looking for.

There are three subscription plans available for both entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as for larger enterprises.


  • Offers convenient customer assistance
  • See your customers journey from purchases made to queries solved
  • Get an overview of what your customers need and what the average customer journey looks like to help boost sales and create optimized content and adverts


  • The subscription fee for a basic package is more expensive than other customer service AI software

You can get started using this AI tool by clicking here.

Best AI Tool For Data Analysis: Tamr Cloud




Tamr is an AI tool that enables you to connect data from internal and external resources.

Having all of your data together in one place is the best way to efficiently process data giving you accurate results that will help your business to grow.

Tamr is specially designed to unify customer data effortlessly. The AI technology takes all the effort out of manually having to process and analyse huge amounts of data.

The software has been developed to adapt to you and your needs, mastering data based on how you manage customers.

Data can easily be shared as this software is compatible with most central management systems meaning you can share data with relevant team members or export it for safekeeping.

The data is cleaned and kept up to date giving you real data to build your company from.


  • Enhances operational efficiency
  • Speeds up operations in data-driven businesses
  • Easy to use


  • Prices are not listed and vary between usage and company size

You can get started using this AI tool by clicking here.

Buyers Guide

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing an AI tool for your business.

To help prevent any feelings of overwhelm we have put together this useful buyers guide to guide you on your journey to finding the perfect AI tool for you and your professional needs.


All Ai tools and technologies have been developed to fulfill a specific purpose.

Whether it is to gather and analyze data, manage finances or help with human resource management you need to consider what you want the AI tool to do, what is its purpose.

Ensure that the tool you are considering will carry out the tasks that you are hoping AI will take over and that it has the scope to complete tasks in the necessary amount of detail or within certain timeframes.

Multi-function tools often offer assistance across a specific department, such as finance, but they might not offer communication tools so make sure you do not get sidetracked by a tool that is referred to as multi-functional.

Ease Of Use

As mentioned earlier in this piece, AI tools require some human instruction in order to begin and get set up.

Some companies offer pre-programmed tools but often you will still be required to do some level of tweaking to make the tool your own and to operate and carry out the tasks you need to.

Consider how much tweaking and what level of set-up specific tools may take.

While most tools will require some set-up assistance you should not view this as a negative as in the long run, you will make this time back.

If you are not very technically minded you will need a tool that has an easy-to-understand interface so that you can set it up with ease.

Features And Compatibility

AI tools will always offer features that will enable ease of use or speed up the process of running tasks but some AI tools may offer additional features.

Sometimes you may need to pay an additional fee to make use of these features, this is a sneaky trick some companies have to make more money.

To avoid this trap always check any hidden fees associated with any of the additional features in your AI tool. Also, consider if these additional features would be of any assistance to you.

Compatibility is another important consideration to keep in mind when looking for an AI tool for your business.

If you are hoping to link the AI tool to other software that you use it is vital that all of these programs are compatible.

If they are not compatible it will add a huge amount of time to certain tasks, such as exporting or sharing data.


There is a huge variation in the cost of AI tools. While most tools work off a subscription model some tools have one-off fees or they may be free entirely.

Some companies also offer free trial periods for new buyers. Consider how much you are willing to pay.

To work this out, work out how much time the AI tool would save and also how much money it would generate and save you.

For example, if your staff have to work overtime to complete certain tasks that the AI tool will take over, most likely it will be cheaper to get an AI tool rather than continue to pay overtime to staff.

If you have a start-up business or you are an entrepreneur it may be worthwhile looking at what free AI tools are on the market.

Free tools are fantastic as they give you an opportunity to trial certain software before committing to a premium version or more expensive software.

While you are building up your company’s revenue, reputation, and financial stability, work using free products that suit your needs until you can afford paid tools.

In some cases, free AI tools offer just as brilliant a service as premium AI tools.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating the AI tools and technologies that have made our list is a great way of making space for huge growth in your business.

As an entrepreneur often manpower and time is limited and so utilizing AI is a great way of giving your business a better opportunity to thrive.

AI tools and technology can be trialed and if you don’t like the results it is easy to step back away from AI however most people that adopt AI into their business never look back.

The only way is up and AI is there to support you on your rise and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Artificial Intelligence Transform Your Business?

As artificial intelligence (AI) technology continues to develop there is now a huge variety of tools that can be used to help automate certain operations within businesses, giving more free time to employees and improving productivity within the business.

Repetitive, time-consuming tasks are perfect to replace with AI tools to complete these tasks in a fast and straightforward way.

Is Artificial Intelligence The Future?

A number of years ago artificial intelligence (AI) was nowhere near as developed and widely used as it is now in modern times.

AI tools continue to impact industries around the globe making AI a huge part of the future of many businesses.

AI has also developed everyday things such as the developments of Siri, Alexa, and online maps.

Knowing that AI is not limited to solely benefiting companies shows that it holds a huge space in the future of businesses and life as we know it.

What Can Artificial Intelligence Do That Humans Can’t?

Artificial intelligence has a huge number of benefits as it can process data far quicker than humanly possible.

It also has the ability to gather information from various locations on the web.

On the other hand, it does have some limitations, for example, AI can only follow rules created by humans.

AI cannot create or invent things and so it needs human inference to get set up and to begin running a tool or technology a certain way.

Even though humans need to set up AI technologies initially this time is earned back over a short period of time when the technology works more efficiently and saves both time and money also.