Best AI Tools For E-Commerce

When it comes to building up your business and increasing your revenue, ntegrating artificial intelligence (otherwise known as AI for short) tools can really increase your sales.

Over the years, AI has become increasingly used by all kinds of businesses, including retailers and e-commerce, to help bring a different approach to data management and offer solutions to long-standing issues for businesses.

So, if you own an e-commerce business, then you will probably want to look into some AI tools that you can harness and use to your advantage.

The issue is – just where do you start? There are hundreds of options out there and not all are equally high-quality and helpful.

Best AI Tools For E-Commerce

With every AI tool telling you that they’re the best and they’re the most valuable, it’s very easy to get confused and hesitate opting to use an AI tool.

That is where we step in. Here, we have pulled together our top five choices of the best AI tools that are most advantageous for e-commerce businesses.

This way you can find out everything you need about some of the best e-commerce AI tools without all the important info being drowned out by other competitors.

We have looked at a lot of AI tools, tested their features and chosen the ones we think work best for e-commerce businesses and will be the most useful to help expand your business.

So, here are our completely unbiased top five e-commerce AI tools!

Best For Choice: TUP Solutions

TUP Solutions will most likely always be the first AI tool to be recommended to you when you start your search for the perfect AI for your e-commerce business.

This company is based in New York and their AI is compatible with a lot of popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify or WooCommerce, making them a popular candidate for a lot of e-commerce businesses looking for an efficient AI tool.

TUP Solutions offers not one, but two different e-commerce solutions that can help you specifically in an area you want your business to improve in.

These two e-commerce options are Revenue Optimization and Persona Identification.

The Revenue Optimization program automates UX changes to help increase your business’s revenue.

By bringing all of your data together and analyzing it in full, this allows the program to identify the best-selling personas.

These personas can then be used to better understand your target audience and fine tune your marketing campaigns, drawing in your best-selling customers who are more likely to buy your products.

Your revenue will then increase.

Your website will then be optimized and personalized to refine your marketing and help you reach the customers who are most engaging with your content.

The other TUP program is Persona Identification, which helps you learn marketing is best at converting viewers into actual customers.

It analyzes and assesses the behavior of visitors to your website, sees which of your campaigns or elements draw them in, and allows you to refine your website to suit your visitors and help turn them into regular customers.

So with this program, you can track your visitors and analyze the data they create regarding their preferences so you can tailor your business to suit them.

Both AI tools give you a lot of valuable data that is vital for making your e-commerce business more attractive to customers, allowing you to improve your revenue and refine your brands to suit your audience.

The choice of two different options is what draws a lot of businesses towards TUP Solutions as it allows you to refine your AI to suit your needs and still helps expand your business.


  • Gives you the option between two great AI tools that both work well to expand your business.
  • Refine your brand using AI analysis to see what retains your viewers attention the most.
  • Optimize your revenue by tailoring your business to suit your target audience.


  • Not very affordable and not ideal for small and new businesses.

Best For Ease Of Use: Granify

Using AI technology and software for the first time can be pretty intimidating and confusing if you don’t know what you are doing, so a lot of e-commerce business owners may want to start out with an AI tool that is easy and quick to use.

If that is what you are looking for, then we would recommend you try out Granify.

Granify is an AI tool that is just that – quick and easy to use.

It’s fairly simple so it’s a great starting point for a lot of new business owners who want to try out e-commerce AI tools and pieces of software for the first time.

It works by collecting the behavioral data of your e-commerce business, collecting around 500 data points per second!

It analyzes conversations and calculates probabilities to help send out optimal messages with the best chance of scoring revenue.

It can also identify opportunities when to contact customers to lead to better chances of increased revenue.

It does this by using the behavioral data to know what your customers want and need when it comes to your products, so it can create messages that are highly probable to bring your customers to the checkout.

This all sounds great but there is one thing we need to mention – they don’t have a set price like other AI software companies do.

Instead, they will give you an estimated fee depending on the service you require, so pricing is inconsistent from business to business.

We would much rather they had payment plans clearly available so e-commerce business owners can have a clearer idea of cost and if the AI tool is in their budget range.

Unfortunately, you will have to contact Granify themselves for a consultant chat to find out how much they will charge you.


  • This is a super quick and easy to use AI tool that is great for beginners or those who don’t feel confident working with AI yet.
  • It helps increase your revenue by analyzing customer behavior and optimizing messages.
  • Customers receive an intimate and personalized experience that is more tailored to their desires.


  • Pricing is inconsistent and requires you to go through a consultant for a clear price for your business.

Best For Emails: Seventh Sense

Email marketing campaigns are a method of boosting engagement with customers that is used by nearly all kinds of businesses, not just e-commerce.

They are a great way to build an intimate and personal relationship with your customers to improve the relationship between them and your business, giving your company a positive reputation.

However, constantly sending emails for things like sales, reminders, news – this all builds up and the last thing you want is to be stuck at a computer sending email after email to your customers.

This is where Seventh Sense steps in. Their AI software allows you to perform improved email marketing campaigns that don’t take up all of your time.

They send out fast emails that use data and analytics to create the optimized content and layout for better chances of positive results.

This means that your email marketing campaigns will now include the right information, be sent at the right time and to the right people – all through Seventh Sense.

All of this not only means less work for you, but will also result in happier customers and higher conversations.

However, be careful when using email marketing campaigns – after all, there is a thin line between marketing campaigns and spam, and not everyone will be pleased to see email after email coming into their inbox from your business.

However, Seventh Sense is a great tool to use to send emails at optimal engagement times with the best kind of content to improve your revenue.


  • Helps automate efficient email marketing campaigns for stronger customer relationships.
  • Boosts engagement with your business by sending optimized emails.
  • Uses analytics to send out email campaigns during the best time periods that result in higher engagement and revenue.


  • Email marketing campaigns are easily abused and can tip into spamming your customers, so keep a firm leash on how often you are emailing your customers and take on their feedback.

Best For Competition: PriSync

Best For Competition PriSync

If you want your e-commerce business to stay competitive and keep up with your rival businesses, then PriSync is the ideal AI tool to help you do just that.

This software allows you to find out more about your rivals’ businesses by gathering information about their prices, profits, and strategies to see exactly what other similar businesses are going to improve their own revenues.

By analyzing all this data, PriSync can help you work efficiently to improve your business in just three steps.

First you add your products, define them, and then add in your competitor’s.

Using PriSync, you can discover additional information including pricing trends, predicting future trends, indexes – all the information you need to stay one step ahead of the competition and increase your share in your e-commerce’s market.

All of this information is laid out very plainly on a simple dashboard and relevant Excel sheets, allowing you to easily compare the results and see PriSync’s recommendations.

This makes using PriSync super easy – even for new businesses with little experience working with AI tools – so everyone can use PriSync to keep their business competitive.

It’s a great AI tool to use if your e-commerce business is in a particularly competitive market, but for more niche businesses, you may not benefit much from this kind of AI tool.

If you have little competition, then there is little PriSync can do to point you in the right direction based on other businesses.


  • Easy and simple to use, making it ideal for those with little AI experience.
  • Helps keep e-commerce businesses one step ahead of their competitors, increasing their share of revenue.
  • Very efficient and only takes completing a few steps to see recommendations and results.


  • Niche businesses with little competition will struggle to find PriSync useful as it works best for businesses with a lot of rivals.

Best For Conversation: LivePerson

Keeping a happy and engaging relationship with your customers is vital when it comes to customer retention and positive customer experience.

Customers want quick responses to their queries and complaints, and LivePerson is just the AI tool that can help you out in that department.

LivePerson is an AI tool that helps you engage and connect with your customers through conversation, communicating with them even when you are not there.

It makes customers feel at ease with contacting your business and also improves conversations, making them easy and understandable (although, not always perfect).

LivePerson also has a range of products on offer to help you choose the best AI features you need to improve your customer relationships.

Just a few examples include Conversational AI, Conversation Analytics, Social Messaging and Conversation Builder.

These are just a few tools you can use from LivePerson to help engage with your customers and keep that happy relationship going through AI technology.


  • LivePerson offers a lot of different options when it comes to AI tools designed specifically to improve customer relationships.
  • Customers can get fast responses to their questions and queries, improving their satisfaction.
  • Allows customers to feel comfortable to contact your business, bridging the gap between your business and them.


  • The AI may sometimes make a grammatical error or a sentence that may not make sense, but this issue is not uncommon when using AI.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to AI tools to help boost the sales of your e-commerce business and help it expand, a single tool can offer a lot of different features.

However, with so much on offer, it’s very easy to mix up and be unsure which tools and features are the best ones on offer.

So although we have our five favorite AI tools listed above, let’s go over some of the most valuable features that can help out your e-commerce business.

Each feature can affect your e-commerce business in different ways, but the best ones are the ones that offer certain benefits.

Let’s take a look at what benefits and features you should look for in your AI e-commerce tool.



AI tools are able to personalize each customer’s experience to suit their needs and wants by allowing e-commerce owners to view their customer’s preferences.

By doing this, AI tools can allow you to sort your products by relevance and can help generate interest for your customers who are able to see the products they are most likely to like and purchase.

This will lead to more revenue for your company and happier customers who have higher opinions of your products and services.

So, this means that AI technology that works towards personalizing your website to each customer’s preferences, whether it’s showing them products they will most likely buy or just pointing them into sales they will enjoy, is definitely something for you to consider.


For e-commerce businesses in markets that are highly competitive, forecasting can be a huge benefit to improving your share of the revenue.

There are AI tools available that are able to use analytics and your competitor’s data to optimize your own business and give possible forecasts for future trends.

This allows you to have a huge advantage over your competitors, meaning that you can rake in more revenue while they are still trying to catch up.

This sort of software is ideal for competitive businesses, but not so much for more niche businesses.

Customer Communication

Interacting with your customers is a huge part of running a business and creating a positive reputation for your brand.

However, as your business grows, it’s almost impossible to talk directly to every customer regularly in order to keep a positive relationship.

Certain AI tools can take over that, whether it’s running email marketing or live chat options, to keep your customers happy and engaged while you can focus on other areas of your e-commerce business.

It’s a tool that is great for business owners who are drowning in emails and messages from customers, so you can just hand it off to the AI to offer solutions and keep your campaigns on track.

This AI technology is great for multitasking and positive customer communication, so if you want happy customers (and more revenue) this is also another great feature to look out for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (often shortened down to AI) is the idea of creating machines or software programs that are able to perform tasks normally performed by humans.

AI is able to write, speak, plan, answer questions, analyze data and schedule using human-like intelligence.

This means that AI is often used to do tasks that humans would usually do otherwise.

AI is able to do a lot of human-like things nowadays, including playing chess on a computer or driving a car.

It can be found in a lot of different fields and is used for a lot of different tasks but the concept is always the same – artificial intelligence refers to computers that think like humans to do human-required tasks.

AI is not always perfect, but it is constantly being developed and worked to push more boundaries so computers can take over menial tasks.

You probably interact with more AI than you realize. If you have ever raced against CPU characters in Mario Karts, you are racing against AI.

If you own an Alexa, then you are talking to an AI computer. AI influences our lives in lots of different areas – and now, it is being used to improve e-commerce businesses.

How Is AI Impacting E-Commerce?

AI is being used to change the e-commerce space by taking over certain aspects of the job that are usually repetitive and monotonous.

One big role AI is not playing in e-commerce businesses is taking over data analytics and achieving results in minutes that could have taken you hours to work out.

For example, AI can be used to decipher what certain customers like to shop for based on data gathered from their previous experiences using your e-commerce business.

It can also forecast future demands in products to increase efficiency and identify fraudulent transactions that save your business’s reputation and valuable funds.

Basically, AI is taking over some of the more complex tasks of running an e-commerce business, allowing their owners to focus on other areas to expand their business more quickly.

Does AI Make Customers Happier?

Using AI in your e-commerce business can improve customer satisfaction in a number of different ways.

Apps and tools like chat boxes can reduce customer wait times when they have queries or complaints and can act on those issues sooner than a regular human would, improving their overall experience using your e-commerce business.

AI can also be used to recommend certain products to customers based on information like their previous browsing history, wish lists or baskets – which also improves your revenue.

So, these kinds of uses of AI can make customers happier as they are shown more products they would be interested in instead of browsing endlessly for hours, and they also can get quick response times so they shop sooner with peace of mind.

This can all improve a customer’s satisfaction.