AI Instructor at Harvard, OpenAI in London, Nasa Building ChatGPT for Spacecraft And More!


  • Harvard’s new Chabot teacher

Students taking Computer Science 50: Introduction to Computer Science, at Harvard will have access to a new learning tool this year: artificial intelligence.

Students will be able to use AI to assist them detect faults in their code, provide input on the design of student programs, explain unfamiliar sections of code or error messages, and answer specific inquiries beginning in the autumn.

  • OpenAI London

“We see this expansion as an opportunity to attract world-class talent and drive innovation in AGI development and policy.” – Sam Altman

OpenAI announced the opening of its first international office in London. The new UK hub intends to attract top talent and accelerate progress toward artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Read more about it here.


  • NASA is developing their own ChatGPT-style for spacecraft

“It’s really not like science fiction anymore.”

Nasa engineers are working on their own ChatGPT-style interface, which will allow astronauts to communicate with their spaceship and mission commanders to interact with artificial intelligence-powered robots exploring faraway planets.

Read more about it here.

  • Wimbledon to introduce AI-powered commentary

The All England Club has collaborated with IBM to provide AI-generated audio commentary and captions in its online highlights.

The service will be available on the Wimbledon app and website and it will make use of IBM’s Watsonx AI platform, which has been trained in the “unique language of tennis” with the assistance of the All England Club. 

AI-powered analysis of singles drawings will also be included, analyzing how favorable a player’s road to the final may be.


  • The Vatican Releases Its Own AI Ethics Handbook (Link)
  • AI ChatGPT Responds to UN’s Proposed Code of Conduct to Monitor Artificial Intelligence (Link)
  • Meta explains how AI influences what we see on Facebook and Instagram (Link)
  • What the Pentagon Thinks About Artificial Intelligence (Link)
  • ChatGPT developer OpenAI to locate first non-US office in London (Link)
  • Google announces the first Machine Unlearning Challenge (Link)
  • Flirting With Algorithms: Men Are Harnessing AI to Win at the Dating Game (Link)
  • Microsoft brings new AI-powered shopping tools to Bing and Edge (Link)
  • AWS Launches $100M Generative AI Innovation Center (Link)
  • China’s Meituan to buy artificial intelligence firm Light Year from co-founder (Link)
  • Google DeepMind’s CEO Says Its Next Algorithm Will Eclipse ChatGPT (Link)
  • Introducing OpenAI London (Link)
  • Debating the Future of AI (Link)
  • Illegal trade in AI child sex abuse images exposed (Link)
  • European tech firms sign open letter warning against over-regulation of AI (Link)
  • An Interview with Marc Andreessen about AI and How You Change the World (Link
  • Hope, fear, and AI (Link)
  • AI is killing the old web, and the new web struggles to be born (Link)


  • Respeecher

Here are the top things you can do with Respeecher:

  • Singers can sing in a panoply of voices from soprano to bass
  • 100+ NPCs voices for game developers
  • Any age and gender for voice actors
  • Filmmakers can add dialog in post with the superior sound quality

Sign up here for free.

  • Hovercode

Hovercode allows you to generate artistic AI QR codes using any example you like and with the help of a prompt that you will write. 

It is still in beta, but you can try it out here.



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