Best Business Intelligence Software

If you run your own business, then getting yourself a business intelligence platform is highly critical.

This is because a good business intelligence software will help you gain insights from all of the data from your business, and this can help communicate key areas of business to stakeholders. 

A good business intelligence software will help you collect and keep track of data of every part of your business including sales, productivity, performance, profitability, and more!

However, it should do more than just display the data and leave you to do all the hard thinning - business intelligence softwares can connect the dots between certain points of data and give you a new angle on a lot of situations. 

This kind of information is vital to helping your business perform better as it can help you predict the future and give you insights thanks to their range of features. 

So - you need a business intelligence software but…where do you start?

That’s where we come in. We have put together a small list of our top choices when it comes to business intelligence softwares.

If you want to choose from the best of the best, then take a peek below at our five favorite choices so you can find the best business intelligence software for you. 


Microsoft Power BI

It’s the software company that has a solution to everything so it comes as no surprise that Microsoft have their own business intelligence software available called the Microsoft Power BI. 

The great thing about Microsoft is that you know that their softwares are very professional and handy, which is the reason why their softwares can be found on nearly every computer around the world.

So, it makes sense that you would turn to them for a business intelligence software that is high quality and runs smoothly. 

Microsoft Power BI offers you the choice between a conventional web-based portal or a downloadable software so you can run your business either through a reporting server or through the cloud, whichever you prefer.

This can be a huge advantage as you can back up your files and make working on the go a lot easier. You will be forced to download the software which can slow your computer down if it is a low end laptop, but you don’t have to use it all the time. 

As for what features are on offer with Microsoft Power BI, you can also choose between two uses of your new software.

You can use Microsoft Power BI to get insights from your data by accessing reports you have already built or those taken from the Power BI community, view the in-depth visualizations for quick insights.

Then make your own reports by collaborating with others or by yourself. 

Microsoft Power BI also helps you build professional reports to visualize your data and show to others. 

All of this works well for all kinds of businesses, either entrepreneurs or enterprise, so it’s sure to work for nearly everyone.

If you are still unsure, then you can use Microsoft Power Bi’s two month free trial so you can try it out for yourself and see if it works for you. 


  • Helps you gain insights from your data using in-depth analysis and clear visualizations to help you spot patterns. 
  • Microsoft Power Bi also helps you build professional reports to help sort your data more clearly. 
  • Offers a free trial so you can play around with this software and see if it is the right choice for you.
  • Microsoft is a huge company when it comes to software so you know that you are getting a product from a reputable source.


  • You are forced to download the software even if you prefer to work using the cloud.




SiSense is a business intelligence software that aims to help simplify data analysis and help build customized experiences that will all help evolve your business.

These aims are clearly reflected in the software and the features it has on offer as it is very easy to use and can help you out a great deal.

It uses AI and IoT to help streamline the data analysis process, meaning that you can cut down on the complexities of data analysis and shave off half the time you would usually spend pouring over data.

You can also adjust the analysis to focus on certain systems or objects, or zoom out to give you an overall viewing of your entire business.

It helps you take a look at the bigger picture while still being able to give certain areas the special attention they might need.

As for using SiSense, you have the option of working either in the cloud or on premises with the embedded analytics dashboard.

This gives you freedom of choice when it comes to your method of work, so have complete control over how you use your SiSense software.

One of the great things that works to SiSense advantage when it comes to comparing it to other business intelligence software is it’s customers.

There are some huge names that use this software including GE, Fujitsu, NBC and Airbus, so you can be certain of the quality of this software. 

Our only issue is the pricing model - basically, there isn’t one. There’s no flat rate pricing so you have to interact with SiSense in order to get a custom price quote.

While this can be a plus because it helps them to tailor the features to what your business needs, it also means you have no idea what you can budget for nor if you are being oversold certain features.

We would prefer the same price for all subscription models that acts as an equalizer and gives you the option to choose which features you want to use. 


  • SiSense is a big name in the software industry and has customers including huge names like GE and Fujitsu that validate their quality. 
  • You have the choice between working in premises or through the cloud, giving you more control over your software and how you use it. 
  • Uses advanced technology like AI to help make data analysis simple and easy.


  • Their pricing model is personalized which means you could be missing out on features or be oversold certain aspects of the software.


Tableau Desktop

If visual analytics is your thing, then Tableau Desktop is definitely one you have to check out.

It’s more than just pretty charts, however. Tableau Desktop is a business intelligence software that aims to make finding the answers to your questions a simple and easy task. This is reflected in two main ways Tableau Desktop works. 

The first is its compatibility with a lot of databases and data sources.

This means that Tableau Desktop is capable of pulling data from lots of different places including, PDF files, Google Analytics and Microsoft Excel to pool together all the data and offer you a range of options when it comes to blending your data. 

The other feature that helps make data analytics a breeze is Tableau Desktop’s drag and drop interface.

It’s super easy to use and allows you to quickly get used to using this software, as the drag and drop buttons allow you to spot patterns in your data in no time at all. 

This is also helped by the huge selection of charts available using the dashboard visualizations.

This allows you to display your data and findings through easily shared charts to help make your reports easy to read and understand with a glance. 

Overall, Tableau Desktop is a great tool for those who want to make analytics easy to complete and read, but it’s not perfect. 

When compared to other business intelligence softwares Tableau Desktop is a pricey option.

It’s not very affordable which means that smaller businesses are quickly shut out and unable to use all of Tableau Desktop’s amazing features.

We wish that Tableau offered a free or more affordable plan so smaller companies are able to budget in this software but unfortunately, that is not the case. 


  • Tableau Desktop is super easy to use tanks to the drag and drop buttons which makes navigating this desktop a breeze.
  • Offers a huge range of options when it comes to charts to allow for easy data visualization to help you understand patterns with a glance. 
  • Compatible with a lot of different data sources, meaning that you can use this software in conjunction with a lot of other applications.


  • It is limited to larger businesses as it’s prices keep out smaller businesses who may not necessarily be able to budget in the cost.


Oracle Analytics

Oracle is a company that has put many years of research into creating an effective business intelligence software that is now used by many huge companies including Lyft and Vodafone. 

Their analytics software is deployed using a cloud server, meaning that it is easy to use and great for group collaborations.

You can access your work from lots of different devices although there are concerns about security that comes with all cloud-based softwares.

However, Oracle Analytics is a well trusted software and can be backed up as such from its many clients all around the world. 

It offers all the key features needed for a good business intelligence software as well as many bonus features including a mobile app, support for embedded analytics and even predictive analytics to help you prepare your business for the future. 

However, this company is not an affordable option for small businesses, but works well for medium and large businesses that can meet their prices. 


  • Oracle is a huge company that supplies many well known brands with high quality business intelligence software. 
  • It offers more than just the basics, allowing its clients to use features including embedded analytics and predictive analytics for more options and uses. 
  • It’s cloud based servers allow for online collaboration and ease of access.


  • Not an option for smaller businesses due to their prices.



What makes Domo such a great choice is that this cloud-based software uses industry tailored tools that help out different kinds of businesses.

Even if your business is not focused on financial services but instead manufacturing or health care, you can still use Domo to great effect.

It can also tailor itself to certain roles so Domo can be used by everyone in a company from the CEO to IT workers. 

This makes it ideal for larger companies with lots of employees as it can be used as one business intelligence software that suits all.

It still offers all the features needed to be functional, plus it is capable of pulling data from lots of different sources including Jira and GitHub. 

Being a cloud-based software, Domo is also very easy to access and use so this can increase productivity whether you are working in an office or at home.

It’s also great for group collaboration and accessing the same reports for greater efficiency.

The only issue with Domo is the pricing. Like with other software companies, Domo gives out its prices on request so you have no way of knowing if you are being overcharged or certain features are being held back from you.


  • Easy to access from all kinds of devices including computers and smartphones. 
  • The tools tailor themselves to different industries and roles, allowing it to be used to advantage all kinds of businesses. 
  • Capable of pulling data from lots of different sources for high productivity and more accurate reports.


  • It’s pricing system is not consistent and Domo will charge you depending on your business’s needs - this can be a plus in some eyes but you have no way of knowing if you are being oversold features or held back from choosing which features you want to use.

Best Business Intelligence Software Buying Guide

When looking for a business intelligence software to implement into your business, it can be confusing what you need or want in that particular software.

Different companies offer different features and deployment methods, so if you are new to using business intelligence softwares, it can be overwhelming to know what should be included and what is a bonus.

Check out this buyer’s guide to help you know and understand what a good business intelligence software should feature and behave.

Best Business Intelligence Software


When looking for the best business intelligence software for you, you want to make sure that it contains all the necessary features and functions to make it work your time.

These features are vital towards helping you expand your business and make data analytics much easier to complete and understand.

For these reasons, you should try and find a software that contains these features at the minimum:

Data Visualization - This feature will allow you to turn your data into something far more easy to read, such as a graph or chart.

A good business intelligence software will offer you a range of options to help you consume your data more efficiently. 

Data Preparation - One of the most important features on offer with business intelligence softwares as it is what pulls your data all together, combines it and transforms it into a single source of data that is easy to analyze.

This data preparation is key to the process of data analysis and without it, your business intelligence software won’t be as effective as it could be. 

Reporting Tools - This is what you can use to help build your reports in a clear and professional manner.

Without it, making reports can take twice as long so make sure the business intelligence software you are opting for has some kind of reporting tool to help speed up the process while producing high quality reports.

These three key features are core to what makes a business intelligence software worth investing in, so without them, you will be left with a near-useless tool.

Find a business intelligence software with at least these three features, and data analysis will be a smooth and simple process from now on. 

Cloud Based Vs On-Premise

There are two different types of deployment when it comes to business intelligence softwares. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, but which one is better?

First up is Cloud based. Cloud mashed means that you store and manage your data information on a public or private cloud.

This allows you to always be able to access your data no matter where you are, plus this is often the more affordable option.

You can also access this software quicker and you usually have more control over the features you use or store, allowing flexibility when scaling up or down. 

The issues with cloud based deployment mainly comes down to two areas of concern - security and connection.

Because the cloud is saved on the internet, you will need a strong internet connection to access your work.

If your internet is down or connection is weak, then you are suddenly locked out of your work. As for security, saving all of your valuable data on a publicly accessible cloud does not sound like a safe option.

Even after continuous patches and updates to keep up security, all cloud systems can be hacked at any time - potentially risking your data becoming exposed.

On-Premise refers to directly installing the software onto the hardware of your device.

This means you can access your data even without an internet connection and improves security, but this software often takes time to download and can even slow your device down as it takes up memory.

This also makes sharing your reports more difficult or working in collaboration with others. 

So overall, we would prefer cloud based deployment, but it all depends on your personal preferences.

You can always opt for a business intelligence software that offers both - you can download the software and access the cloud based server if you desire, but this option does come at a higher cost. 

Ease Of Use

Using a business intelligence software that features a cluttered dashboard that is difficult to navigate will only make data analysis an even longer and more frustrating process than it already is. 

So, you need a business intelligence software that is easy to use so you can quickly get to analyzing your data and simplify the whole process. A smooth, user-friendly interface is a huge plus as it helps you navigate the dashboard easily. 

A great way to find out if a business intelligence software is easy to use before purchasing is to take advantage of any free trials that are on offer from the company.

This way, you can try out the software yourself before you spend a single cent and if you find it to be too cluttered or difficult to use, then you can look elsewhere for an appropriate business intelligence software. 

So don’t stick with a fidgety dashboard because there are always other more simple to use business intelligence softwares.

Try a few out, use free trials and find a clutter-free, easy to navigate business intelligence software to boost your productivity and efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is business intelligence software?

Business intelligence software is a type of application that helps businesses with the process of data analytics.

It is designed to retrieve data from different sources, analyze what is there, then turn those findings into report data that can be used by a business to tackle issues and offer solutions. 

They are a fast way to analyze business data and offer accurate results.

What is data visualization?

Data visualization refers to how data is displayed and represented to show information. This often uses visual elements like charts and graphs that display the information presented from data through using shapes and colors.

It does not rely on words and instead uses images to show patterns found in data. 

What is the business intelligence software implementation process?

When you first sign up to a business intelligence software, the company should offer you a plan to help you implement using the software in your business.

This is more than just installing the software and getting used to using it.

It involves strategies, merging the software into your infrastructure, preparing all the data you need and integrating it with the software before you can take the step towards analytics and visualization. 

The company will offer you support here to help tailor your strategy to your business model.