Best AI Content Writer

How much does it cost to hire a freelance writer or editor? And how do you go about finding someone who has the skills you need?

You might be wondering whether hiring a freelancer would be worth it. After all, you can always write your own articles, right? Not necessarily.

The problem is that writing is a skill that takes years of practice to master. And even then, you won’t get paid as much as you could if you hired a professional.

Hiring a freelance writer or editor can be expensive. If you want to save time and money, consider outsourcing your article writing to a company that specializes in this kind of service.

AI writing software exists to help you write short or long form content, and to fill in any extra spaces. In this article, we are going to list some of the best AI content writers out there.

Best AI Content Writer




Jasper is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create high quality content fast. It uses machine learning to generate unique content for your website from scratch.

You don’t have to worry about grammar mistakes, spelling errors, plagiarism, or anything else. Jasper will take care of everything for you.

What makes Jasper different from other AI content writing tools is its ability to understand context and adapt to the topic at hand.

This means that when you ask Jasper to write something specific, such as “how to start a business”, Jasper will come up with ideas that match your needs.

Jasper has a feature called Jasper command. This feature allows you to start typing, and Jasper will finish the sentences for you.

This is automated, and it helps to make your sentence flow better. It also helps you with punctuation, grammar, and spelling. 

Jasper is also great at generating short content such as adverts and social media posts. However, longer form content is Jasper's specialty, and the editing and rewriting options are great, too.

You probably will not need to use the rephrasing options, because Jasper has a high rate of producing consistent and coherent copy and content. 

Jasper has three types of priced subscriptions. This includes the starter subscription, the pro subscription and the boss mode subscription.

These give you access to at least 20,000 words of content writing per month.

With the higher-end subscriptions, you can edit long form content such as blog posts, books, and scripts. 

Jasper has an incredible amount of features. This includes the ability to lookup elements within your texts, find and replace these parts, punctuate, paraphrase, and quote.

You can personalize your piece of writing so that it is correct, and within the context of the subject.

After all, if your AI content writer doesn't know what subject it is talking about, what's the point? 

With Jasper, you can produce a piece of content of a good size. Jasper transforms text into a personal piece, as well as writes for itself.

Jasper is a great tool to have around when you write a piece that lacks originality, or when you are stumped on a topic.

The fact that Jasper is completely automated is great, and there is a lot of trust in the process of the tool. 


  • Jasper is able to provide a relevant and natural piece of writing. 
  • A lot of Jasper's functions are automatic. 
  • Jasper has the ability to transform punctuation and grammar as well as longer pieces of work.


  • Jasper is one of the pricier AI content writers.



ProWritingAid is another amazing AI content writing tool. ProWritingAid is a cloud based platform that provides you with a variety of services.

These include content creation, proofreading, editing, and even plagiarism detection. ProWritingAid is able to perform all of these tasks automatically. 

You can choose which service you want to use. There are three types of subscriptions.

There is the monthly subscription, the yearly subscription, and the lifetime subscription.

Their plans are well-priced and affordable, and they even do discounts for students and bulk orders. 

Once you've decided on your preferred service, you can start creating your content. Each time you create a new piece of content, you can add tags.

Tags help you organize your documents. For example, you could tag your document as 'business','marketing' or 'personal'. 

When you're ready to publish your content, you can upload it to either Dropbox or Google Drive.

Both options allow you to share your files with other people. This is ideal for writing long form content that may need to be edited or uploaded. 

ProWritingAid is perfect for content writing due to its grammar and plagiarism checker that will ensure your work is your own, as well as the tone analysis.

The tonal analysis will look at what you have already written (or the subject/prompts), and will analyze the tone of your writing.

This will help make the results more accurate and relevant to what you are wanting to write about. 

ProWritingAid also gives you a detailed engagement report of your content, with in-detailed writing reports as well as style and formatting suggestions. 

If you're looking for a way to increase your productivity, ProWritingAid is definitely worth checking out.

Not only does it help with academic content writing, but also long form regular content writing. 


  • ProWritingAid is excellent for long form because it was made for academic writing. 
  • The built-in spell and grammar check is good quality. 
  • The ability to upload it directly to WordPress.


  • It can sometimes be too academic focused.



Rytr is a fantastic AI content writer. Rytr is a web application that allows you to create content using their interface.

It's very easy to get started with this tool. All you need to do is submit your already written article, or write into the box. 

The templates available vary from short articles to blog posts.

You can choose from different categories such as business, marketing, technology, health, and many others.

Once you've selected your category, you'll see a list of prompts that match your topic. 

The best part of Rytr is that it doesn't require any training. You don't need to know how to write before you start using it. There are two ways to use Rytr.

One is by typing directly into the text box. If you prefer to type, you can simply copy and paste your article into the text box. 

Rytr is great at rewriting and improving existing content, but unless you have provided a lot of context and description, Rytr may struggle to fill in the blanks.

It is definitely helpful for rewriting, as you can move things around, and be sure that you are not plagiarizing.

Rytr is 100% plagiarism free, and you can self edit using the special self edit tool, too. 

With Rytr, you can use it to write a paragraph based on a heading, as well as finish a paragraph for you. When you use the outline tool as well, you can create a piece of long form writing in minutes.

Rytr can create most forms of writing, including blog posts, articles, ads, social media posts, and even song lyrics. It can even write in different languages. 

Rytr also helps you find common keywords in your text, allowing you to improve the SEO of your content. There are lots of generation options, and you can play around for as long as you like.

The paragraph tool also helps create a paragraph, and different sections to your content. With Rytr, you also have built-in grammar and spelling checking. 


  • Lots of generation options to try
  • Paragraph tool is great
  • The self editing and rewriting aspect was amazing


  • Basic grammar and spelling checker.


Article Forge

Article Forge is a software tool that allows users to create unique content by searching the internet for similar titles, and creating their own.

This program was developed using advanced algorithms to learn how to produce quality content.

Article Forge was made with a deep learning model that had the ability to produce great quality, unique articles. Article Forge claims to produce words that look human!

Article Forge's AI Content Generator uses the same type of in-depth networks used by Google to evaluate content.

So Article Forge will both write high quality, topic rich, and useful content, and the content will be written in a way Google's algo­rithms will naturally love and rank for.

Users can use the Article Forge tool to generate articles, blog posts, or other types of content.

Article Forge can automatically add relevant articles, videos, and images, and articles can be added to any existing page or blog post.

You can choose how many variations of sentence structure you want to use.

You can also define the number of paragraphs per variation, and you can even shuffle the order of the paragraphs within each variation.

You get to use the spell check and grammar options to ensure that your article is to the highest standard, and you can replace keywords with links for SEO purposes. 

With Article Forge, you can subscribe to a monthly membership, or yearly.

For the quality of the content that you receive, Article Forge is priced around the same as popular AI content writers such as Jasper, and it creates good content. 

Article Forge is a reasonably good content creation tool that produces decent quality articles.

Article Forge is a comprehensive article creation tool that uses its smart technology to help generate the highest quality content out of the pool of articles available for a specific keyword.


  • You can add images, videos, and links to articles automatically. 
  • There is a trial option to try this software. 
  • You can create as many articles as you like.


  • You can only write 750 words at once.




The next content writer we want to talk about is AI-writer. Ai-Writer can create long form blog posts, as well as full length articles.

With AI-Writer, you get a great interface for writing content, as well as an excellent research option. 

There are three types of subscriptions with AI-Writer. This includes the basic subscription that includes 40 articles a month, as well as a text generator, rewording tool, and SEO editor.

The standard plan includes up to 150 articles a month, and the power plan allows you to write 1000 articles in one month, and allows ten different users to log into the account.

This is perfect for those who are content writing as a job, and those who need new and quick ideas.

You can choose to write articles from scratch, or you can rewrite your existing content.

The program helps you rephrase, edit, and rewrite your content by getting rid of a lot of the distractions and unnecessary tools found in other kinds of software. 

You can save a solid amount of time by using AI-Writer. You need to give a contextual framework, and you will have some good content on your hands.

You can also get AI-Writer to give you a solid plan and outline for your writing. You can then use the extra time to focus on your SEO and optimization. 

There are extra tools for exporting to WordPress and Medium with AI-Writer, and the built-in research skills are extensive and great.

You can also sync all of your writing to iCloud and Dropbox, and you can see how long it may take somebody to read your content. 


  • AI-Writer is easy to use, and provides a decent amount of features. 
  • The research feature is very powerful. 
  • The SEO feature is excellent.


  • AI-Writer is more basic than some others, and it may struggle to create longer content. 



The last content writer we want to mention is Writesonic. Writesonic is a relatively new company, but they offer a wide range of services.

They provide a free trial, and they offer both paid and free plans. Their software is actually the cheapest on our list.

Their website is fairly straightforward, and they do a good job explaining what each service offers. They have three pricing options.

This includes the starter subscription, the professional subscription and the business subscription. 

Writesonic has an option to create content in 24 different languages.

Writing a multilingual site may seem like a daunting task, but with Writesonic you can easily add multiple languages to your site.

The software also has built-in grammar check, readability outline, summarizer, rephraser, and expander features.

Writesonic will create marketing copy as well as general content that engages your audience and maximizes opportunities and engagement.

The software will check through your content, and ensure that your content is plagiarism free and engaging. 

With the help of the WriteSonic platform, you can also write short form content as well as long form content.

This includes blog posts, but also create product descriptions and digital ads, landing pages, sales emails, etc. 

This is a great piece of software if you’re looking for a simple way to generate quality content. It does require a bit of work, but you can quickly learn how to use this tool.

This tool is perfect for people who don’t know much about content creation. It’s easy to use, and it gives you a lot of power when it comes to creating engaging content. 


  • Easy to use, and a very user friendly interface. 
  • It’s a great value for money. 
  • Free version


  • Basic spelling and grammar checker

Best AI Content Writer Buying Guide

When investing in an AI content writer, there are things you need to check beforehand. This includes the quality and relevancy of the content it can produce, as well as the length of content, and any helpful tools to make it easier and quicker.

Best AI Content Writer

Length and Quality

AI will never replace the human ability to write, but it can do a good job.

When looking for an AI content writer, there is the assumption that you will want to be publishing longer form content.

This is common if you have a blog, review, or informational website. 

You should double-check that the AI tool that you have can write long form content that is relevant, and that it is of good quality.

AI tools can run out of things to add, so it is important that you add enough context, but also your tool is well-made. 

Additional Features

Additional features are super helpful in order to make the writing process quicker, and the content more optimized.

With extra features such as the built-in spell checker, rephraser, and SEO mode, you are sure to have some excellent quality content on your hands.

This means you are more likely to have more interaction with your content, and it will be the best quality that it can be. 


This is one of the most essential issues about using an AI content writer, and it is an issue that many website owners have. If you cannot afford real writers, you may have to use AI. 

Most AI is made to have a built-in plagiarism checker, but it is always handy to make sure this is the case.

The AI tool needs to generate completely unique content, and it needs to ensure that the content is not taken from other websites. Your content should always be original and engaging.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will AI Writers Replace Real Writers? 

AI is being used in many industries, and a lot of people are concerned that it will take away jobs from real people. To some extent. AI can help and make human tasks better, and less mistake prone. 

However, AI will never take away real content writers, because it lacks the emotion that humans always put into their work.

AI has no emotion, and it is not capable of applying emotion or creativity to contextual information; just intelligence. 

How Does An AI Content Writer Work? 

There are a variety of different tools available on the market. Each one works differently. The automated article writer usually works in the following way:

You need to start by choosing a topic or niche for your article before you write anything.

After deciding a topic or niche, you'll need to enter some important or related keywords so that the article creator will be able to understand your needs.

After that, the AI-powered article generation system uses advanced technology to generate unique, human-readable articles in a couple of seconds for each topic.

It does this by looking at similar pieces, and creating its own content based on this information. 

Before sharing or publishing content on a forum or website, it will be neces­sary to check the generated content by these artificial intelligence writers.

This is necessary to check that the AI tool has worked correctly, and that no content has been stolen.