Best AI Tools For Knowledge Management

Knowledge management (KM) refers to the processes and practices involved in managing information and knowledge within an organization.

KM helps organizations improve their performance through better decision-making, improved productivity, and enhanced customer service.

Best AI Tools For Knowledge Management

AI has become a buzzword in recent years. Many companies are now investing heavily in AI technologies to boost their businesses.

The question is, how can you leverage these technologies to improve your knowledge management system?

Here we will go over a few use cases of AI in knowledge management and give you insights into what you need to know about it.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Before we dive into the best AI tools for knowledge management, let’s first understand what exactly artificial intelligence (AI) means.

Artificial intelligence is a broad term that covers many types of software systems designed to mimic human thinking or learning.

In general terms, there are two main branches of AI: machine learning and deep learning.

Machine learning focuses on teaching computers to learn without being explicitly programmed, while deep learning uses multiple layers of algorithms to program computers to think.

The most common example of AI is chatbots, which have been around since the 1980s.

However, in the last decade, with the advent of natural language processing (NLP), we have seen more sophisticated examples of AI such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana, etc.


Cloud Tutorial helps enterprises, small businesses and individuals create a FAQ/Help site in minutes.

You can also create a media-rich user manual in one place to answer your customers’ questions instantly.

FAQ Software lets you create a FAQ and Help site to improve your customer self-service experiences.

What if you can create your wiki up and running without any coding or IT help? You can import HTML files in just a couple of clicks.

With Cloud Tutorial wiki Software, you can create documentation from scratch and wikis. Want your company’s scattered knowledge organized into one place?

Create your own knowledge base with our internal knowledge base software.

Do you want to create an information repository for your customers to easily access helpful information?

This tool allows you to collect information from your customers and display it as a central location. Customer service and support.

Do you want to reduce the number of tickets coming into your company?

Cloud Tutorial’s Self-Service Help Desk software enables you to offer your customers a self-service platform to solve their problems.

With Cloud Tutorial, you can create your own tutorials for your users. You can also add more information about each tutorial.

This software is free for non-commercial use.


  • More personalized experiences – Can upload documents and publish them within several minutes.
  • Improved relevance for search queries – Has a powerful search engine with a google-like ability to provide relevant answers.
  • Easily Tracked performance – the AI search gathers the most highly searched topics and tracks each article’s usefulness.


  • Always be wary when relying on these pieces of software – it can produce results not relevant sometimes.

Organizing your work in one place makes it easier to manage everything you do. It helps you organize your work wherever you are.

You can use Bit to collaborate with others, regardless of where they’re located. It is also great for keeping your work organized.

Organize your work in one place using Bit. Use Bit for smart notes, research, freelance work, and much more.

Work with your team or clients, regardless of where they’re located. Collaborate on projects together in real-time.

Guest access allows you to bring clients, partners, or contractors into your world.

Scale across your entire organization, no matter if everyone is in one location, or distributed across the globe – Bit works everywhere!

Keep all your company knowledge organized in one central hub, regardless of whether everyone’s in one location or spread out across the globe.

This program allows you to add 100+ file types, such as images, video, audio, etc., to your library.

You can also allow your audience to preview the contents, download, and provide contextual information about these files.

You can invite team members, partners, or clients to collaborate with you in real-time.

You can create and share knowledge together. You can learn more about this program by clicking here.


  • Has a smart search function – extremely useful to narrow down searches.
  • Fantastic document tracking – the software tracks documents and maintains your data security.
  • Accessible for using the Smart Editor – other software products can easily be set up with it.


  • Reliability is scarce – pieces of software can only do so much, so always keep track of what they are searching for.



Help Juice’s easy-to-use and most powerful knowledge base system is designed from the ground up to help you scale your customer support, and collaborate better with your team.

This tool has the ability for us to integrate into our support process and have a dedicated Document View.

Help Juice is an easy-to-use platform that makes it simple to create custom communities.

You can use it to make your website private or public, and you can also segment your community into different groups.

We use Help juice to create our website. It allows us to customize everything about our site. We set up this help document using Help juice.

It was easy, and we were prompt with customization requests. The intuitive interface made it easy to create and deliver a rich content library.


  • Can structure content well – using the organized folders and categories.
  • Enables you to publish multiple versions of the same article – and can switch them all inside the same editor.
  • Limitless – easy and unlimited formatting, can upload and manipulate images easily.


  • Possibly not the best AI tool out there – however, a fantastic choice overall.


Help Crunch is a customer communication tool that helps business owners communicate with customers.

This includes live chat for web and app users, email marketing, marketing tools, and helpdesk. A company called Help Crunch collects personal information about its users.

This includes names, time zones, operating systems, API keys, email addresses, and billing information. HelpCrunch also grants access to personal data to third parties.

Healthcare providers should be careful about what information they share with chatbots.

Chatbots may not always be trustworthy. Help Crunch for HIPAA Compliance helps protect patient data by enforcing strict privacy rules.

This software allows users to create secure online chats that comply with HIPAA regulations. Users can also set up reminders to remind them about upcoming appointments.

Providers who want an easy, direct communication channel with their patients should consider using the HIPAA-compliant email Pausing box Email Suite.

This service encrypts all outgoing emails by default. The Paubox Email Suite doesn’t require any changes to your email behavior.

All emails are sent directly to your patient’s mailbox. Paubox Email suite does not need any passwords or patient portals, as all emails are sent directly to the patient’s inbox.


  • Easy to use – one of the easiest Ai tools to use alongside the software.
  • Effortless communication – with the department for helping with the tool.
  • Resourceful search engine – useful for all your searching purposes.


  • May not be the most efficient Ai tool out there – however, it is great for getting the job done.


Document360 helps you create an awesome online knowledge base, private team knowledge base, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) that your customers can use to solve problems!

Support agents can search through the Knowledge Base, share article links or contents, and create article drafts.

Using the integrated Document360 knowledge base, support agents can respond to tickets with the searched article, insert the link, article content, or a custom response.

This article is about how to create user-friendly documentation, authors in Markdown, manage different versions and languages right from DocuSign without any additional team account, and these articles stay in draft state, which means they can be reviewed by editors.

Document360 is a user-friendly platform for building an online Knowledge Base. You can launch a support center in seconds and organize it any way you want.

With Document360, you can easily create an online knowledge base for supporting your customers. You can also easily organize this knowledge base any way you want.

The software is very flexible and allows you to customize the look of your pages. However, it does come with a price tag.

Document360 makes it easy to create an online support center.

It includes both a WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) editor that feels familiar to any user and a more complex Markdown editor that works well for creating support pages.

With either Editor, you can add images and videos.

One of the best features of Document360 is that it allows users to organize content into up to 6 levels of hierarchical categories and adds tags to help you find content faster.

Document360 offers a markdown editor and enables you to create categories up to 6 levels deep.

We also liked that Document 360 offers versioning tools, so you can feel confident making changes to your support pages.

You can compare two versions of a page side by side, or create page forks if you want to modify a document for a specific set of users.

The knowledge base site is the public-facing portion of your documentation center.

You can add your own branding and host your support pages at a custom domain.

Document360 Has a built-In search engine that searches article titles, content, and tags; It also auto-suggests pages as you type.

The whole site is responsive and can be password protected if you want to make it available only to internal team members.

Your online knowledge base is fully searched by users. Users can access your knowledge base via the web or mobile apps.

Users can also send messages directly to your knowledge base. You can integrate your knowledge base with other services, such as ticketing systems, chatbots, and analytics software.


  • Extremely easy and flexible to use – for all your searching purposes.
  • Great customer service team – to help when you have any issues with the tool or setting it up.
  • Great organization! – What more could you want from an Ai tools company?


  • Great search engine – but there’s always the possibility for inaccurate results.

Buyers Guide

Now that you know what AI is, let’s look at why you would want to use AI in knowledge management.

Improve Customer Service

One of the major benefits of using AI in knowledge management is its ability to provide superior customer service.

Chatbots are able to answer questions quickly and accurately because they are trained to do so.

They also allow customers to get answers from any device, anytime, anywhere.

This provides a great experience for both customers and employees alike.

Increase Productivity

Another benefit of using AI in knowledge management is increased productivity.

When you combine AI with NLP, you can automate repetitive tasks and make them easier to complete.

For example, if you have many documents to review, you can train an AI model to scan through each document and highlight key points.

You can then save time by reviewing only the highlighted sections.

Reduce Costs

Another reason to use AI in knowledge management is cost savings. If you’re running an e-commerce business, you can use AI to help process orders faster and reduce costs.

In addition, if you have a lot of data stored in spreadsheets, you can use AI models to analyze this data and find patterns.

Once you identify these patterns, you can create automated workflows to take advantage of them.

Most of the Ai tools can help to reduce the cost of using them, however, not all of them are cost-effective and can rise into large sums very quickly.

So, be sure to check this first to find out how much using them is going to cost your company.

Enhance Decision-Making

Enhance Decision-Making

Finally, AI can be used to enhance decision-making. It can help you predict future trends and outcomes based on historical data.

For example, if your company sells products online, you can use AI technology to determine whether a product is selling well or not.

Based on the results, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

You’ll want to make sure that the tool you choose to install onto your devices, can make this decision-making processes fast and effective for your own convenience.

However, do not rely on them entirely when using them, as much as this software is effective, there are always going to be errors that must be checked first before submitting an article.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Knowledge Management Tools?

Knowledge management tools are used by companies to share information internally and externally.

These systems help people get information out of their heads and into the public domain.

This makes Zendesk extremely useful for helping subject-matter experts get information out of their heads and into the public.

Knowledge management tools are systems used by companies to share information internally and externally. An example of a knowledge management tool is Zendesk.

When users check out a company’s FAQs or an online tutorial, they’re using knowledge management tools.

This helps Zendesk be extremely effective for helping subject-matter experts get information out of people’s heads, and into the open, where others may learn from them.

What Are The Benefits Of Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management is vital to the successful operation of an organization.

These are just a few of the many benefits that come from using the right knowledge management software.

Cloud-based systems make accessing information easy and quick. Team members aren’t actively transferring knowledge manually by email and other means.

This results in greater productivity. The idea of capturing and organizing information helps create a commonwealth of ideas.

Team alignment creates greater unity amongst your staff. Encryption ensures your data remains secure.

Smooth customer experiences come about when your employees stay engaged, connected, and ready to handle anything.

What Is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is all the ways that a company organizes and maintains information about its processes.

This includes internal documents, as well as any external sources of information that help inform how the company does work.

A knowledge management tool is used by remote teams to access training and process documentation that allows them to do their job efficiently.

It’s much easier to reference an extensive set of instructions than to schedule a full training class.

Knowledge Management can be divided into four main categories: content, expertise location, policies, procedures, and lessons learned.

People can learn about the company by talking to those who have experience with the topic. Organizational charts and directories help people locate experts.

The best practices and documentation of processes helps new employees understand how to perform tasks.

Need A Knowledge Management Tool For Your Remote Team?

A couple of people at your company probably already hold a majority share of the knowledge, and they’re likely sick of being the lone experts.

Get these folks together, and ask them for any existing documents. Plan out where supplemental documents come from.

Assign tasks (with due dates), to product and knowledge owners, and assign work (with due dates) to those assigned.

This is going to require a top-down initiative, to some extent, as well as investing in a knowledge management system.

Investing in a Knowledge Management System will reduce headaches and organize the company.

If none of the software suits your needs, use our product selection tool. We’ll give you even more options to weigh that fit your requirements.