What Is DataRobot?

It is no secret to anyone that the world is becoming ever more technologically driven.

We all have AIs in our daily lives, we need to use technology to purchase items, for our jobs, and for normal daily activities.

What Is DataRobot?

Some would fear that technology is going to overtake how we tend to run our lives, however, to believe so would be a mistake.

Technology is helping us in many ways, and this is something that DataRobot does.

The most basic concept of DataRobot is exactly what you would imagine. However, we want to first show you just how much technology is in our lives.

Some people would fear that ‘robots’ and ‘technology’ would rise up against us. However, these things are programmed by us, to do things that are beneficial to us.

Many online sites, major corporations, and working environments would be unable to operate to their full potential without these services.

DataRobot is one of these services. It is something that is improving our lives, even though we are, for the most part, unaware of this.

It makes jobs easier, and makes advancing our tech easier too.

So, let’s move on and explain, what is DataRobot, exactly?

What Is It?

So, what is this DataRobot that is improving many aspects of our lives without our knowing?

Well, it is basically just a machine learning platform, it is used for assuring, accelerating, and automating analytics.

It helps data analysts and scientists to build and produce accurate models much faster than they would be able to otherwise.

It makes all this data easier to use, and it optimizes the most valued open-sourced model techniques from programs such as Python, H2O and so on.

But, who is it for?

Who Is It For?

As we have said, DataRobot is built primarily for those who work in data. Now, data is actually a very important part of our world.

Every business has data, no matter whether it is a small business or large one.

Data is all the information that makes our world go round, and collecting data is very significant.

Data can be anything from number of sales, to staff paychecks and the like.

Data scientists examine questions that need answers, and they find out where to find the relevant data.

It is basically the collation and collection of information, as well as answering any questions about the data that require answers.

It is useful to have something like DataRobot to make doing this easier, because sometimes these people deal with huge amounts of data, thousands, millions of streams of data.

Data analysts are like the guard dogs of a companies’ data. They make it understandable for stakeholders to understand it and thus make productive decisions.

You need to be organized, and good with science or math for this job.

Once again these people also deal with large amounts of data, and so the aid of DataRobot helps them to get their job done faster.

Otherwise, they might have to spend droves of time digging through millions of streams of data to answer the simplest of questions.

So, who uses it, and who is it recommended for?

Veteran Data Scientists

What Is DataRobot?

Of course, even if you have been working in data science for years and know your way around the field, adding a little ease into your role wouldn’t go amiss, and so, DataRobot is a productive addition for veteran data scientists.

It provides a building library of updated algorithms as well as pre-made prototypes for extracting features and preparing data.

It can also provide you with automated assembling, which can allow you to easily select and combine a series of algorithms to quickly produce a more accurate and pinpointed predictive model.

New Data Scientists

You can even gain something from DataRobot if you are a newbie in the field.

This is because it assures you the best data science practice, because it automated the selection of the tip-top features, as well as algorithms and values for every model you build.

This means that even as a novice you are free of the requirement for trial and error guessing games.

Business Data Analysts

Data scientists are not the only ones who have gains to make in this area. Data analysts can too.

For data analysts, DataRobot provides and will guide rapid transitions from reporting all the way to predicting.

This empowers the ability to perform tasks in modeling which may have otherwise required skilled data science and even statisticians.

This actually opens up the data analyst job role even more and makes it easier.

For Business In General

Having DataRobot means that businesses lower risks, costs, and time to value in adopting and expanding their predictive analytics, and instead can make quicker and smarter decisions.

This is so because it makes machine learning much simpler and quicker. However, it also does so by optimizing otherwise little and expensive data science skills.

How It Is Changing Things In Data & Business

DataRobot is changing the scene, and it is doing so because it allows business analysts to make predictive analytics with no need to be educated in Machine Learning, or programming.

DataRobot uses Machine Learning to build and output more accurate predictive models very quickly.

This innovation has quickly revolutionized data, and AI as it brings in the full throttle power of predictive analytics to multiple businesses.

Any data analyst who is knowledgeable with mainstream business practice in intelligence tools can find leverage in AutoML systems in order to build and output exceedingly sophisticated ML models.

An experienced data scientist could even delve many layers deeper than an analyst in order to customize and further optimize their models.

To Conclude

So, what is DataRobot?

To summarize, it is a program which makes data science and analytics much easier on those who work these jobs.

It allows businesses to run smoother, and for those who make hardy business decisions based on their data, to make better decisions for the company.

It is improving the business and data world by far.

So, technology is only bettering our lives, and making hard jobs easier to do.