What Is TextBot AI?

Textbots are automated systems that allow businesses to receive messages from customers.

What Is TextBot AI?

These messages can include questions or requests for information. Textbots also claim to help companies to increase their bottom lines by providing them with more sales opportunities.

Textbot AI is one of them. If you want to know more about Textbot AI, then read on!

When Was TextBot AI Created?

TextBot AI was created on Christmas day in 2019. Since then the company has been steadily increasing within the automated text message industry.

The company serves businesses small and large who utilize their services.

Text Messaging Marketing

Text messaging is a popular form of communication used by companies to market products or services. A person who works in an IT department sends text messages to customers.

These messages are sent to them via a mobile device. This type of marketing is often done by companies to promote new products or services.

Information about the company is gathered and used to target specific groups of people.

Text messaging is becoming more popular than ever before. People use their cell phones to check emails, send texts, and browse the web.

Businesses can use this information to market their products and services.

A Detailed Explanation Of TextBot AI

Textbot AI is a texting service that provides information about leads, explains product or service information, and helps customers to answer any potential issues.

A text bot is a computer program that answers questions and provides information via text messages. It can be used for customer support, sales, and marketing.

Textbot AI is a free software available online. It is easy to use and can be customized according to your needs.

The Importance Of Texting And Automated Messaging Services For Businesses

Businesses should have a website if they want to stay in touch with customers. Phone messaging services are important as well.

After hours service and additional services for customers who call-in are needed as well.

Businesses should use both websites and phone messaging services. Websites are important, but phone messaging services will help businesses get inquiries from potential customers.

A business should try to contact inquiring clients after using these services.

Pros Of TextBot AI

Textbots are very useful tools for businesses because they allow them to communicate with clients more effectively.

These bots are also very easy to use and cost-effective.

Textbot ai provides an effective alternative to traditional sales funnels. An affiliate program offers a bounteous $100 commission.

Textbot ai can also work 24/7, helping small to midsize businesses stay open even during slow times.

Cons of TextBot AI

Textbot AI is a great tool for those who want to get rid of spam texts. However, it doesn’t work well for those who want to send out marketing texts.

Most text messages don’t provide sufficient information for people to make informed purchases.

People don’t like using textbots because they think they are untrustworthy and don’t like talking to them. Many people prefer to talk to real people instead of textbots.

Any business using Textbot AI will have to take payments via credit card directly. This also means that the business will have to deal with refund, chargeback, or return issues.

Small businesses providing a bad service or product may face customer complaints.

Medium-sized businesses won’t be able to handle these situations. Textbot AI doesn’t include an email building process, which is still an important aspect of reaching clients.

How Do Businesses View TextBot AI?

Many businesses realize they need a text messaging service to help market their product or services.

This is important because it helps them reach out to customers and build up their brand.

A business needs this system to stay viable and competitive.


What Is TextBot AI

Many people who use this software have had positive experiences with it. However, there are also some negative reviews out there.

This is a pyramid scheme. People recruit other people for this business. It’s an MLM scheme.

Doubters complain about the lack of customer service. Businesses don’t answer calls as quickly as they should.

Customers who call the phone numbers on the website get put on hold for long periods of time.

Other complaints include the text messages being ineffective for reaching clients or getting clients to purchase.

Also, they believe that the system might be less effective than they were led to believe, and they want more information about how the system works.

Is TextBot AI A Scam?

Some fake Textbot AI reviews would mislead you into thinking that this platform is legit. People who comment on it are trying to convince others to join.

This platform does not provide many business reviews about its usefulness, most people commenting on it are individuals trying to get others to join.

A text bot is a great tool to help businesses market themselves online. However, this particular text bot isn’t legit.

There are many other bots out there that are more trustworthy than this one.

TextBot AI basically portrays itself as being a completely automated money-making software program. You’re led to believe that you’ll be paid commissions of $100 over and over again, all on autopilot.

All you need to do is sign up, enter your number, and then the automated chatbot gets to work earning you money.

You can easily just end up spending your days trying to get people to join your site by posting spam comments.

Pyramid Scheme

Textbot AI is a pyramid scheme. Most people who join pyramid schemes don’t make any money. Even if you think this company is legitimate, the average success rate is only 1%.

These types of things should be avoided at all costs. The truth about them is that they’re built around gimmicks and hypes.

They all try to say they have something special that will allow you to make money really quickly, like the “automatic chatbot”.

You should make your own website or blog. You can sell things on Amazon, but you need to create your own product first.

You can also use affiliate marketing to promote other people’s products.

That’s much better than messing up with silly “automated chatbots” that spam peoples’ phones.

Textbot AI promises to provide a way for business owners to promote their business via automated text messages.

It also promises to provide people who do not have a business with an easier way to make $100 commission over and over again via automated text messages.

This bot is designed to send messages to users who have entered their phone numbers into the site. It sends out hundreds of texts per day, but most of these texts are sent to existing customers.

You can start using Textbot AI by paying $100. The money goes directly to the person who referred you. This is how Textbot AI works – and how a pyramid scheme works.

Yes, it is technically possible to earn money through the Textbot scam.

However, you will just be making money by tricking people to join a pyramid scheme. All payments made via Textbot are made directly member-by-member.

The reason why the creator of the system does not get approved by merchants to handle payments is because payment processors like PayPal do not support such scams.


It seems as if Textbot AI is indeed a pyramid scheme. Of course, you should do your own research – but always be careful with your money!