What Types Of Jobs Will AI Create? (Everything You Need To Know)

While artificial intelligence is already being used in multiple different industries to make jobs easier, there are also a few specific roles and opportunities that have become available because of the emergence of AI, especially in the last few years.

What Types Of Jobs Will AI Create? (Everything You Need To Know)

Many of us will think of AI as an entirely self-sufficient machine or program that has no need for human guidance or interference, but the truth is that AI can’t achieve everything on its own, despite how much information it can absorb and calculate in just a few seconds.

Because of this, there are plenty of brand-new jobs that are either already available, or that are expected to appear in the very near future, thanks to the inclusion of AI, so let’s take a closer look at what these new positions are today!

1. AI Auditor

As an AI auditor, you will be in charge of ensuring that an AI system is displaying information that doesn’t contain any bias or discrimination in the content it provides.

Many companies that make use of AI auditors often struggle with removing any bias that can inherently appear within the program, so to ensure that all the content provided is completely relevant and reliable, it is necessary for a person to assess, mitigate, and monitor the algorithm so that they can weed out any signs of the AI leaning one way or another. 

As organizations become more concerned with relaying information that is entirely ethical and within legal boundaries, they are also looking for experts who make sure their AI software and programs stay inside these boundaries, which is why the AI auditor role is becoming such an important position to fill.

2. Data Sourcing

While an AI model is a handy tool for collecting data from multiple different sources from across the web, not all of this information is entirely relevant, and the majority of it will most likely be unnecessary. 

This is why there will need to be a person behind the scenes who is data sourcing, which essentially means improving the performance of the AI by classifying data from various internal and external sources and making sure that the information collected can be of benefit to the company or organization. 

3. Fitness Commitment Counselor

Many of us are already well aware of how smartwatches and phones can help us with losing weight and staying active by keeping track of our daily activities and how many calories are lost after each gym session. 

This sort of technology is nothing new at this point, but fitness commitment counselors have started utilizing this information to help people achieve their fitness goals by analyzing the data, and then deciding what steps need to be taken, such as any extra exercises that can be incorporated into a routine, or how many more steps should be taken each day. 

A fitness commitment counselor is a job that has been around for decades at this point, but with the emergence of AI in the world of health and exercise, and how useful it can be for progressing a fitness routine, people are becoming more inclined to find an instructor who knows how to work with these devices, and how to make the most out of their capabilities. 

4. Prompt Engineer

When an AI generates text, whether it’s for an email, a blog, or an article, it is most likely running off ‘prompts’ which tell the large language models (LLMs) what to say when you ask it to start typing. 

Of course, someone needs to actually create these prompts first so that the LLMs can even work at all, and this is where the prompt engineer comes in who can compose strings of text that help to train the AI in what to say so that it doesn’t use any unordinary phrases or terminology that may seem irrelevant. 

It is essentially a way to teach the AI how to use natural language, and while prompt engineering is still a fairly new field, it is becoming much more prominent as companies strive to make their AI tools sound as sophisticated and human-like as possible.

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5. AI Engineer

Whether it’s the car industry, the music business, or even healthcare, no one can deny that artificial intelligence has become a crucial part of so many different fields because of how much easier it can make life not only for the workers but especially for the customers, which is why so many companies are trying to jump in on this AI trend to help boost their reputation and revenue. 

Because of this, there are plenty of businesses and organizations from a range of different areas that are desperate to try and find people who have a clear and intricate understanding of how AI works and are capable of building the foundations of brand-new AI tools and programs. 

An AI developer will therefore be instructed to create artificial intelligence and then integrate it into the applications and software used by the company, making this a very demanding, but extremely rewarding job which is only going to become more prominent as the years go by.

6. Cyber City Analyst

If you’ve never heard of a cyber city, it is essentially a large city that leverages modern information technology to deliver better services to its residents.

The technology underlying the city will be able to analyze things like bio-data, asset data, and citizen data, to ensure that the area is always as safe and as comfortable as possible for the citizens.

There are many different services that can be provided by the technology utilized within a cyber city.

For example, one idea that has been proposed is to set up government apps and portals where citizens can submit any concerns they have about their city.

Power supplies, water delivery, and solid waste removal can also be monitored a lot more closely to detect any oncoming problems or anomalies beforehand so that there is a much lower risk of things going wrong in the future, so we can expect there to be plenty of positions surrounding this exciting prospect in the coming years.

7. Virtual Store Assistant

We’re already witnessing the immense popularity of VR, especially with the constant chatter of the ‘metaverse’ and the potential of being able to interact with one another through a completely digital immersive world. 

They might still be in their infancy, but virtual stores are growing at a rapid rate, providing customers with VR headsets that they can use either with a game console or their computer to enter a completely new world full of adventure and wonder. 

As someone who knows a lot about VR and its capabilities, your duty as a virtual store assistant will be to tell customers everything they need to know about these magnificent AI-powered tools, and which headset might be most suitable for their needs. 

It was estimated in 2022 that 64 million people had used VR headsets in the US alone, so it seems obvious that these stores are only going to grow and branch out very quickly in the near future, and they’re going to need new and fresh faces to run them. 


Many people aren’t aware of just how many new opportunities are opening up thanks to the rapid increase of interest and usage in artificial intelligence, but the truth is there are many exciting jobs that will appear in the near future to keep an eye out for if you’re interested in working alongside AI. 

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