Which AI Tools Are The Best For Content Writing? – Here Is Our Favorite 10

AI software can help to make content writing so much easier, whether it’s for a blog, an article, or simply an email, keeping a program active in the background while you write is a great way to keep your writing consistent and of the highest quality.

Which AI Tools Are The Best For Content Writing? - Here Is Our Favorite 10

Alongside providing suggestions on how to improve your work by recommending terms and phrases, some AI programs will even be able to rank the quality of your writing by analyzing your spelling, the number of headings included, and how relevant the content is to the topic it’s centered around. 

Therefore, you can never go wrong with keeping an AI tool handy during your writing sessions, and in case you’re a little confused about which one to use, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorites right here that you should definitely consider. 

1. Sudowrite

If you’re writing for a blog and need your content to have as much flare and charisma as possible, Sudowrite is the perfect AI assistant tool for you. 

Rather than focusing on templates like many other AI writing tools, Sudowrite instead pays closer attention to the workflow of the content, and more specifically, how fluid and easy to follow the writing is, making it ideal for any kind of work that needs to be presented to someone in a clear and concise manner. 

Its “First Draft” feature will take a prompt and turn it into 1000 words, giving you a good foundation to build upon, while the “Describe” and “Expand” tools insert natural content into the work to help improve the pace of each section. 

2. ClosersCopy

Writing effective and impactful content has become so much more difficult in the world of marketing and business, especially now that SEO and keywords have become so integral to the writing process, and if this is an area you’re involved in, ClosersCopy is here to help. 

With over 700 writing frameworks and an NPL SEO-guided text editor built into the program, ClosersCopy is always making sure that your writing is clear and optimized for the online marketplace, making it perfect for salespeople and marketers.

It’s definitely on the pricier side compared to many of its competitors, but considering just how many writing frameworks are available, it’s definitely worth considering for anyone who needs to write in a more professional and sophisticated style. 

3. Frase.io 

Frase is a subscription-based service that helps you research and write content thanks to its topic research module which quickly scans the most relevant information about a subject, no matter how niche it might be, and then lays this information out on the page for you to modify and alter yourself. 

It’s a great program for accomplishing SEO tasks, fitting hours of research into just a few minutes of work, ensuring that you get all of your content sent off as quickly as possible. 

Frase essentially makes moving from the keyword research to the final draft so much easier and far less painful by suggesting only the most essential information that will rank high in Google’s algorithm for you to include in your work. 

4. LongShot

While you can integrate LongShot with software like WordPress, Ghost, and Semrush, you can also simply use it as a Chrome extension, with it being an extremely accessible, easy to use, and very effective blogging tool that generates content surrounding your topic which is all factually accurate and relevant. 

Some AI content writing tools will take some creative liberties when generating information, causing some of it to be debatable or even flat-out wrong, but LongShot prides itself on being an AI tool that is always caught up with current topics and events so that it knows exactly what it’s talking about. 

LongShot is therefore perfect for bloggers who need to produce constant streams of content for a large audience, helping to free up some of their time so that they aren’t sitting next to their computer 24/7. 

5. QuillBot

QuillBot has come a very long way since it started back in 2017, with it now being one of the most popular AI content writing tools across the entire internet, and there are plenty of reasons why this is the case. 

Its core feature, the paraphrasing tool, will underline any sentences or paragraphs that might be a little difficult to read, and then provides re-writes to help improve the clarity and flow of your work. 

A few of the additional features include style suggestions, grammar checking, and even a thesaurus which is always incredibly useful when you’re worried that you might be using the same synonyms multiple times throughout your writing. 

Because of how flexible it is, QuillBot can be a suitable tool for many different situations, from article writing to SEO-optimized content, and it is especially useful for people who are confident in their research skills but feel like their actual writing could be a little clearer and more concise. 

6. Wordtune

Wordtune is packed full of features that are all designed to help make writing so much easier, especially when it comes to the tone of voice that you use.

When you load up Wordtune, you will be asked whether you want your content to be casual or formal. 

Based on your decision, the program will then provide suggestions and offer to rewrite entire sentences so that they can fit that tone a lot more closely, and you even have the option to expand or shorten sentences too, which is always extremely useful when you are limited by a word count.

Wordtune isn’t exactly the research powerhouse that many of its competitors are, but when it comes to re-writing and suggestions for phrases and terms, it’s among one of the best programs out there. 

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7. ChatGPT

ChatGPT works a little differently from many other AI writing programs because it allows the user to actually interact with the AI itself which will then use its machine learning algorithm to answer any questions or queries.

There are an endless number of ways you can make use of this functionality, whether it’s asking for a language translation, or even just requesting a quick summarization of a topic, the program is specifically designed to make the research stage of your writing so much easier since you won’t even need to change tabs if you have it as an extension. 

While it can be used for SEO content, it is more suited to blogs, emails, and any form of quick and simple writing where you might need a buddy alongside you just in case you run into any uncertainties along the way. 

8. INK

When you type in your primary topic on INK, the AI will immediately tell you what the most relevant keywords are, what tone you should be using, and what the search intent for your audience is most probably going to be.

This makes the keyword research a whole lot easier, but INK also helps out with the writing too, providing a sidebar checklist that ranks your SEO score based on the relevancy of the content, the number of headings and images used, and how clear and readable the writing actually is. 

INK even features an AI image tool where you can type in what kind of image you’re looking for, and the AI will provide a few different options to choose from in a matter of seconds. 

There’s no doubt that when it comes to optimizing content for SEO and the Google algorithm, INK is among one of the best tools out there, especially considering just how many extra features it includes alongside the keyword AI generator. 

9. Rytr.me 

Rytr.me is an extremely versatile AI writing tool that is incredibly easy to use and extremely accessible, making it perfect for people who just want a resource to assist with their writing without having all the extra bells and whistles clogging up the screen. 

Simply type in a brief summary of the topic you’re writing about, and the Rytr AI will generate multiple copies containing several paragraphs of information for you to base your writing off. 

This means you will have plenty of choices to select from and won’t just be restricted to what the AI thinks is going to sound the best, at the end of the day, it’s all still left up to you. 

Rytr.me is especially good as a starting point, brainstorming ideas and concepts that you could use to kick off a blog or article, or for when you’re experiencing writer’s block and need an extra nudge in the right direction. 

10. GetGenie

GetGenie is essentially an all-in-one SEO optimization and research tool that not only will not only improve your writing, but will also allow you to stack your content up to competitors in a particular niche. 

This not only can give you an idea of how you should be writing and the sort of tone and formalities you should be using, but it’s also incredibly useful for generating ideas on how you can be a step ahead of others, and what you need to do to make your own content stand out as being unique and approachable. 

With over 22 AI personalities to choose from, all specializing in their own field of expertise, along with over 30 templates to use as a foundation for your writing, GetGenie is a great SEO writing tool that also gives some crucial insight into your competitors, and how you can rank higher than them in the algorithm. 


When you feel like you need a little extra assistance to make your content as clear and eye-catching as possible for your intended audience, consider trying out one of these fantastic AI writing tools listed above that are all designed to make your life a whole lot easier. 

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