How AI Helps Businesses

In business, there will always be a desire to find ways to save time and money while still growing financially.

Artificial intelligence is the latest technology that is benefiting businesses all over the world.

How AI Helps Businesses

In this piece, we look at why artificial intelligence is important to businesses and look into specific ways AI is benefiting businesses right now.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Business

Artificial intelligence software is a computer program that enables computers to learn and make decisions.

A program that learns how to play chess or recognize faces could be considered as an example of artificial intelligence software.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that transforms businesses and companies.

Businesses use artificial intelligence to simplify daily and quarterly business processes and help company employees at all levels to be more productive.

AI also helps companies to create better customer experiences.

In addition, we believe that AI will change every business, every company, and every industry rapidly over the next number of years.

Artificial Intelligence is becoming increasingly important for every company. AI has many different applications in business.

It helps companies to become more customer-centric and perform better marketing strategies.

AI also helps companies to reduce energy costs, predict sales, helps in customer care, and much more.

9 Ways That AI Can Help Your Business

There are many different types of AI-powered systems that help businesses make decisions. Some examples include:

Recommendation Systems

These use data and algorithms to recommend products or services that may be relevant to you.

A product recommendation system uses AI techniques to help customers make purchases which ultimately helps to boost revenue.

Recommendations are very helpful when choosing what to purchase.

In this case, Amazon recommends products based on your previous purchases. You can also see how other people choose the same items as you did.


Chatbots are software programs that imitate human conversations with customers. They are artificial intelligence powered digital assistants that communicate with people.

Chatbots can provide quick, easy, and uniquely personalized service anytime and anywhere.

Companies are using them to improve customer experiences.

Key benefits of chatbots for business include examples such as National Geographic’s chatbot, SnapTravel, and Wall Street Journal’s bot.

Popular chatbot software includes botsify,, Aivo, and

Content Marketing

How AI Helps Businesses

Content marketing has become a new trend in recent years. In fact, content marketing is a great tool to attract, engage, and delight customers.

It helps companies to increase sales, improve customer experience, and generate leads.

AI is used to analyze marketing data and create better strategies.

This allows your company to benefit from a carefully curated marketing strategy boosting the company’s visibility online while also helping to promote traffic and revenue for service-based companies.

AI can also help you decide what to write, which keywords to use, and even how often to publish. You can also plan and create great content.

AI can distribute and optimize blog posts, social share, schedule social media, and much more.

Popular AI-based tools that can be used to boost your content marketing strategies include BrightEdge, Acrolinx, and MarketMuse.

Sentient Analysis To Gauge Customer’s Emotions

Sentiment analysis is a new development within AI. It is an automatic process that is used for both analyzing and monitoring peoples’ emotions and opinions in different kinds of text.

The text may be conversations taking place on social media, comments about products or services, or on blogs, essentially anywhere someone is likely to express a genuine opinion online.

Businesses can use sentient analysis to detect the opinions expressed by consumers and then measure feedback that has been placed in web pages, reviews, and forums.

Thanks to artificial intelligence in sentiment analysis, businesses recognize the opinions expressed by customers, understand how they feel, and merge all types of online data to discover customer needs and preferences on a larger scale.

AI is useful for analyzing text.

For example, TripAdvisor uses sentiment analysis to extract valuable information about customer reviews. This helps them improve their services.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing information about your competition.

You use this information to learn more about how your competitors operate and what motivates them.

With the help of artificial intelligence, you can easily spy on your competitors by watching their social media accounts, reading their press releases, and following their online activity.

This allows you to see what they’re up to and get an idea of why they might be succeeding or failing.

Armed with this knowledge, you can take action and improve your chances of success.

Competitive intelligence is a great tool for growing your business enabling you to learn about competitors’ strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their products and services.

You can also get ideas for new products and services by studying what other businesses do well.

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasts help companies to understand why customers choose certain products.

This helps them to make better decisions when planning future marketing campaigns.

The AI software analyzes how each data element relates to sales performance. Then, it predicts the next move of a particular customer.

So, it offers an accurate prediction.

Businesses that use AI for sales forecasting benefit from improved sales.

For example, a business that uses effective sales forecasting software was able to increase its sales from $1 million per year to $20 million per year in only two years.

AI software can scan a large amount of data and determine the right prices based on many different variables.

This program helps businesses make the most profits by helping them choose the best prices for products, services, and channels.

Companies relying on AI for optimizing prices have found that this is an effective method.

For instance, brands such as Zara and Michael Kors are already using AI for pricing.


A smart cybersecurity company relies on artificial intelligence technology to help prevent billions of dollars in losses annually.

Many industries, such as retail, consumer products, automobile, utility, and telecommunications rely on cybersecurity.

Digital businesses grow rapidly, and the risk of cyberattacks exponentially increases.

AI software can detect vulnerabilities, identify malicious emails, and stop attacks before they occur.

Benefits of AI for cybersecurity include catching unauthorized logins and monitoring aspects of behavior during a user’s session.

Examples of popular AI software for cybersecurity include Tessian, BluVector, Deepinstinct, and Haltdos.

Customer Experience

Artificial Intelligence can be used for many purposes in stores. It can help you find out what your customers want and give them better service.

It can also recommend products based on previous purchases, or even offer rewards like discounts or loyalty points.

Businesses can use AI to make customer interactions more personal.

Customers can be helped by robots that understand human behavior. A Sephora store uses AI to determine what type of product customers want.

Color IQ uses facial recognition to provide personalized recommendations for foundations and cosmetics.

Popular AI-powered retail solutions include robots by Tally Promobot. These robots help stores reduce costs and increase sales.

With these robots, you can free up your staff’s time and focus on more important things.

Reduce Costs

Businesses use AI to reduce costs. They automate routine tasks so that humans can focus on more important things.

Examples include automating bookkeeping, payroll, billing, etc. This saves time and money.

AI is being used by Netflix to save money. AI is also being used by Netflix to help decide how to improve its services. AI is changing the way we think about technology.

Companies that use AI will be able to make better decisions faster than others. This means that AI will be a huge opportunity for forward-thinking businesses.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating the above technologies will show results within weeks and months of use.

The important thing to keep in mind when adding artificial intelligence technology to the daily running of your business is that you don’t lose the human aspect.

AI technology is still developing and so there is still a need for manual interference to ensure technology is getting the results you need and operating in a human and ethical way.

Help scale your business or continue to thrive and grow by incorporating AI into the running of your business today. What are you waiting for?