What Is Notebook.AI?

What Is Notebook.AI?

Notebook.ai is an innovative AI assistant that helps you essentially create a world. Imagine for a moment that you are an aspiring author and as you plan your novel timeline and outline your characters, you’ll start to notice that you can’t keep every detail in your head about every single character. 

So, what do you do? There aren’t enough post-it notes in the world to record every foible and feature of your characters and not enough brain cells to remember exactly what each character has in their pocket at every specific moment of the story.

To help keep all these details straight, creators use tools like Notebook.AI to help them with continuity.

Why Is Continuity Important For Creatives?

On any set of a film or TV show, there is at least one person whose job it is to ensure perfect continuity between shots, scenes, and cuts. This person, or team of people, is tasked with the impossible. Their job is to turn back time again and again. 

Imagine that a protagonist performs a scene in which they are eating breakfast in their kitchen with their partner. The actors have to look as if they are eating, and that means that they are obliged to swallow from time to time.

Every time an actor puts a piece of food in their mouth, their plate now looks different from it did at the start of the scene. 

So when they do a second (or fiftieth) take of the scene or change the angle of the shot to get the other person’s reaction, it is the job of the continuity team to make sure the character’s plates are exactly as they were at the start of every other take.

Slice of bacon intact, juice glass full to the correct level, toast buttered, and so on. 

Motion pictures rely on perfect continuity for the viewer to suspend their disbelief and become immersed in the fictional world as if it were real. When continuity fails, the spell is broken and the viewer realizes that it’s just fiction and pretends. 

The same principle applies to video games, fiction writing, and more creative mediums.

They all rely on a concise and consistent storyline and a world that has no contradictions for the reader, viewer, or player to enjoy their fictional experience to the max. 

Notebook.AI allows you to keep all these character profiles, details, and the story chronology in order and in one place, so they can make sure continuity is adhered to in their writing. 

What Does Notebook.AI Do?

You can create files of unlimited characters, places, and build rich worlds to help you record personal details of your story and character appearances, nature, family, and history. This will help you keep your timelines clear and correct. 

You can also add in personal items and inventories which will be helpful for video game designers who need to assign specific items such as weapons and tools to different characters and where progression in the story results in claiming additional items. 

Premium users of Notebook.AI can also add jobs, governments, and politics that affect that world, magical powers or forces, and non-human creatures too.

Notebook.AI is super helpful for those creating in the fantasy or science fiction genres, but it can be equally useful for those writing straight fiction, or virtual reality games. Although not all the features of the program will be applicable. 

It’s also helpful if you are working on more than one project at a time because you can add and build completely different worlds and unlimited locations.

The next feature that Notebook.AI is going to be using is where the AI part really comes in.

Artificial intelligence will analyze your writing style, syntax, and clarity, so you can optimize and improve your writing for perfect readability. It can also perform some continuity checks which is completely awesome.

Is Notebook.AI expensive? 

While the free version of Notebook.AI is enough for most fiction universes, there are certain benefits to signing up for the premium subscription package. One of them is the additional twenty-five-page templates with appropriate writing prompts.

Notebook.AI is not here to squash your creativity, but it is a digital notebook here to help your imagination reach new levels while retaining perfect detail continuity. 

If there are any animals or fantastical creatures present in your world, then the premium features will help you a lot. You can also fill out your landscapes with various types of plant life, trees, and flowers.

This might seem like overkill to the budding writer, but the more immersed you are in your world, the better you’ll be at taking others along with you for the ride. If you want to get a full and clear picture of your fiction world, then the premium features will certainly help you. 

For the serious fantasy-minded creative, you’ll be happy with the premium features Notebook.AI offers such as the ability to create different planets, and celestial bodies within your universe, continents, and geographical and historical landmarks.

This all adds realism to your world and will help a reader feel more involved. 

You can also get into the nitty-gritty of social structures with the ability to create races, deities, religions, traditions, ancient legends, and languages. You can bet that if Tolkien were still alive today, he would be all over this like a middle-earth plague. 

To unlock these fabulous premium features, you’ll need to fork out around $9 a month, which is, you know, next to nothing, especially if you use it for work and not for a hobby. Then again nine dollars a month is a real cheap hobby in our opinion. 

So, is Notebook.AI expensive? Absolutely not, and you don’t even have to pay a penny for the basic character and universe features, but if you are planning on being the next big fantasy series writer, then we heartily suggest you invest.

Is Notebook.AI Any Good?

There are more than a few benefits to using Notebook.AI and the free version will suit a lot of people’s needs without needing to sign up for any paid plans. The integrated novel-writing software alone is worth investing in for anyone serious about building worlds for creative purposes. 

In our experience, having to scroll back through pages, chapters, and even other books to find the tiny fact or detail you need for this scene, really slows your writing momentum down, and if you are a creative writer, or just creative, or just a writer, then you will know that it is all about the momentum.

Being able to have all your details, character profiles, and timelines in one place is a huge relief for anyone dealing in fictitious worlds. 

In our opinion, Notebook.AI is an extremely helpful tool, and we love that the free version is so comprehensive. A lot of fiction writers won’t need anything more than this, and if they do, the premium package is not exactly extortionate.

For budding writers, designers, role-players, or game builders Notebook.AI is an invaluable tool for literally keeping your story straight.

Final Thoughts

In our experience, trying to keep tiny details in creative design or fiction can be trying, and it takes way too long to research your own work back.

Our brains aren’t big enough to keep everything we know about our real world alongside everything we imagined about another. 

So Notebook.AI is the solution to relieving and organizing this data in a sensible and logical way. Thus ensuring that when you need to know the exact shade of lipstick you said your heroine wears thirteen chapters ago, you have the information to hand safely stored in your smart notebook. 

Our solution has always been to write the information you feel you may later need on post-it notes, but guess what? It’s not an infallible system especially if you have small children or cats who like to create chaos, nor is it very tree-friendly, so this is a much better way of creating with continuity.